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AutoWhite Widow thumbnail

AutoWhite Widow

Let the Countdown Commence!

With AutoWhite Widow, it only takes 10 short little weeks to reach maximum frost! This updated hybrid stays true to her famous mother in every single way.

  • Fresh Pine Flavour & Strong Aroma
  • Yields Can Reach as High as 200 gr/seed!
AutoXtreme thumbnail


AutoXtreme - Up to 303 Grams from 1 Seed!

So good it took two sets of breeders to create, AutoXtreme is the 1st joint venture between Dutch Passion & Dinafem. She's a potent Haze with strong highs & amazing quality.

  • 303 gr/seed During Initial Testing Phase
  • Instant Head Hit Followed by Mellow High
Automaria II thumbnail

Automaria II

Automaria II adds euphoric Sativa power to this super-fast mix. With Automaria II, you can experience penetrating stones as well as uplifting highs in just 60 days from seed. How awesome is that?
Automatic AK Female thumbnail

Automatic AK Female

Automatic AK Female: Your Next Weed Weapon!

Introducing Automatic AK Female, the absolute best AK47 on the planet! Be warned: These wicked-good cannabis seeds fly out of the Rhino warehouse as fast as they roll in. Get yours today!

  • Only 65 Days from Seed - 100 Gram Yields!
  • Killer Smoke with Hardcore Power - Very Potent!
Automatic Mix thumbnail

Automatic Mix

If your green thumb is itching at the very thought of an autoflowering strain, check out Automatik Mix Feminized! This option lets you try several autoflowering strains for one low price.
Automatic Mix Pack thumbnail

Automatic Mix Pack

Kannabia’s Automatic Mix Pack is an affordable way to try two of this breeder’s most outstanding autoflowering cannabis seeds. This pack includes 3 seeds each of Flash Auto & Gnomo Auto. Make your mov
B Lee Auto thumbnail

B Lee Auto

No one can resist B Lee Auto once they realize it was named for legendary Kung-Fu master Bruce Lee! B Lee Auto is one of the fastest & strongest autoflowering seeds with 20% THC and a 60-day lifecycle
BCN Diesel thumbnail

BCN Diesel

To make this amazing hybrid,‭ ‬Kannabia crossed their NYC Diesel with an Indica male to help stabilize the strain,‭ ‬control the height,‭ ‬and expedite the flowerin
BCN Diesel thumbnail

BCN Diesel

Nothing revs you up like turbo-charged BCN Diesel! These cannabis seeds combine two legends into one incredible mix for an unbeatable combination of power, flavour & brilliant high. BCN Diesel is a Ja
BCN Diesel Automatic thumbnail

BCN Diesel Automatic

BCN Diesel Automatic was designed with two goals in mind,‭ ‬excellent taste and production of trichomes.‭ ‬By selecting the strongest BCN Diesel that showed the greatest growt
BLZBud Feminized thumbnail

BLZBud Feminized

Baby Boom Auto thumbnail

Baby Boom Auto

Smells Like Plum Jam - XL Yields

Small but shockingly productive, Baby Boom Auto is the latest in a long line of next-generation Automatics. This weed seed does not disappoint!

  • Mostly Indica - Highly Relaxing
  • Blueberry X Northern Lights X Auto
Babylonia FRUIT thumbnail

Babylonia FRUIT

Of Professional Seeds’ collection, Babylonia Fruit is their most forbidden fruit. These plants typically mature early in less than 50 days and produce dense flower clusters that are very compact and have a delightful sweet taste.
BadAzz Kush thumbnail

BadAzz Kush

Practically Addictive - Ceiling Free!

Big Buddha took the best parts of Kush & Cheese, slammed them together & came up with BadAzz Cheese, an even more hardcore version of two totally hardcore strains. Now, that's bad ass!

  • 90% Indica, 10% Sativa
  • Both Mental & Physical - Very Potent!
Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Feminized thumbnail

Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Feminized

This is the famous Skunk #1 "Cheese" phenotype (from Big Buddha) bred with a luscious original Blueberry, this strain produces massive yields with the typical cheese aroma and taste.
Barneys Farm Honey B Feminised thumbnail

Barneys Farm Honey B Feminised

The BEST sativas are worth waiting for and this is NO exception! This plant’s genetics are a closely guarded secret! Honey B buds are massive once mature and can sometimes even Break the branches fro
Barneys Farm Night Shade Feminized thumbnail

Barneys Farm Night Shade Feminized

Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk thumbnail

Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk

When Barneys produced this strain they set out to produce the most delicious strain in their collection. They crossed Pineapple with their Cheese/Skunk 1 which resulted in this extremely vigorous and
Barneys Farm Tangerine Dream thumbnail

Barneys Farm Tangerine Dream

Barneys Tangerine Dream is Barney's Farms fresh citrus offering - the flavor is one of the sweet and fruity the most you'll get from skunk, full of intense citrus aromas, a true taste sensation. The
Batgum thumbnail


No need to light up the night sky to find Batgum. The penetrating aroma alone will lead you to this potent super-seed! Batgum is an incredible mix of Black Domina and Great White Shark with strong psy
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