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Annapurna Super Feminized thumbnail

Annapurna Super Feminized

Cobra Feminized thumbnail

Cobra Feminized

Copacabana Super Auto thumbnail

Copacabana Super Auto

Direct From Sunny Rio To Your Door Via Stitch & Big G! Copacabana Super Auto Seeds are a superior Sativa, especially if you live in a hot, humid area. The open flowers let the air blow through to prevent mould and mildew from setting in and ruining your yield Northern collectors should keep thi…
Diesel Haze Auto Regular thumbnail

Diesel Haze Auto Regular

Fruit & Diesel Fuel Come Together In 80 Days Or Less! If you love the rich flavours & aromas of Haze & Diesel like Stitch does, add Diesel Haze Auto Regular Seeds to your collection today. Regular autoflowering gear is hard to find, so this is a great opportunity. Plus, you'll love the flavours,…
Formula One Auto thumbnail

Formula One Auto

A Speed Demon That's Breaking All The Barriers! Tired of waiting forever for genuine Sativa quality? Then you have to check out Formula One Auto Seeds by automatic hybrid experts Flash Seeds. This incredible AutoFem can pump out 200 grams per bean in 85 days or less without sacrificing q…
Jet 47 Feminized thumbnail

Jet 47 Feminized

Lemon Haze Auto Regular thumbnail

Lemon Haze Auto Regular

A 65-Day Sativa With Plenty of Get Up And Go! Vigorous from the very start, Flash Seeds' Lemon Haze Auto Regular only needs 65 to 85 days from seed to deliver up to 70 gr/seed yields. The buds are slender and perfectly formed with enough firmness to give them a good feel in your hand but not so…
Muay Thai Super Auto thumbnail

Muay Thai Super Auto

Got Time For 110 Days Outside? This Is The One! Even though Muay Thai Super Auto is 100% feminized & fully autoflowering, she still gets so big and takes so long that Flash Seeds recommends you keep these leggy ladies outdoors. Start early in the season & by fall you'll be very surprise…
Nirvana Sky Super Feminized thumbnail

Nirvana Sky Super Feminized

Number 1 super Feminized thumbnail

Number 1 super Feminized

Santa Feminized thumbnail

Santa Feminized

Speedy Gonzales Feminized thumbnail

Speedy Gonzales Feminized

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