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Auto Blueberry thumbnail

Auto Blueberry

Authentic Blueberry Without the Wait!

G13 Labs turned the highly sought-after Blueberry strain into a fast-paced, low-profile automatic that'll give you 2 to 3 runs per season in southern latitudes.

  • Blue & Violet Colours for Max Bag Appeal
  • Sweet Blueberry Flavour Just Like Mom!
Blue OG thumbnail

Blue OG

Rockin' those Extracts!

Blue OG is G13's hashiest strain making this a smart choice for dab fans & concentrate fiends. You'll love the smell & taste - fresh berries with a twist of lime!

  • A True Champion with Multiple Wins
  • Compact & Small with XL Yields
Blue Venom thumbnail

Blue Venom

Shockingly Strong with Serious Resin!

Blueberry & White Widow come together to create a fruit-flavoured resin factory with fast 55-day finishes & yields that can go all the way to a magnificent 1100 gr/seed!

  • Dense, Dank & Dripping with Resin
  • Long Lasting Mental Highs
Blueberry Gum thumbnail

Blueberry Gum

Sweet & Fruity with 1100 grams of Goo!

A Hash Plant X Blueberry hybrid, Blueberry Gum tastes & smells like fresh fruit & chewing gum with big, dense buds that are thoroughly encased in crystals.

  • 55 Day Finishes -- 500 gr/m2 Inside
  • Long-Lasting Physical Stones - Very Calm & Chill
Blueberry Gum #2 thumbnail

Blueberry Gum #2

Enhanced for More of Everything!

More of a remix than an enhancement, Blueberry Gum #2 amps up the power, the speed & especially the goo for better results than ever before. Killer!

  • Very Fruity - Strawberry with Citrus
  • Up to 500 gr/m2 or 700 gr/seed
Chocolate Heaven thumbnail

Chocolate Heaven

A Guilty Pleasure Minus the Guilt!

No need to feel guilty about enjoying some dark, gooey Chocolate goodness with this strain. They're calorie free - unless you get a massive case of the munchies!

  • Multiple Awards - Top Quality
  • Strong & Fruity with Notes of Dark Chocolate
Cinderella 99 thumbnail

Cinderella 99

The Holy Grail of Cannabis Seeds!

This elusive strain is legendary, but she can now be yours thanks to G13 Labs! Order your Jack Herer X Haze blend today & find out what all the fuss is about.

  • Very Fast with Exotic Tastes & Aromas
  • Pleasantly Relaxing - Nothing Else is Quite Like It!
Diesel Auto thumbnail

Diesel Auto

Just as Oily & Greasy as the Original

Diesel Auto stays true to her Chem Dawg roots with a tart citrus flavour with a fuel back. She's strong but functional with heavy-duty yields.

  • High Resistance to Mould
  • Recommended for Outdoors
Double Black thumbnail

Double Black

1998 Black Domina Genetics

According to G13 Labs, Black Domina is a certified, medical-grade cash cropper that offers top performance regardless of experience level. Awesome!

  • Fast, Rock-Solid & Completed Coated in Resin
  • Sweet Smell & Taste - Intoxicating
Auto AK thumbnail

G13 Auto AK

Gigabud thumbnail


The Best Big Bud Hybrid Going!

Big Bud & Northern Lights are 2 truly amazing strains, but when combined, they're out of this world! Gigabud is that strain.

  • Indoor Only - Medium Sized
  • Long Lasting Effects - Very Relaxing
Hypnotic thumbnail



White Widow pairs perfectly with Chronic to create a potent new hybrid that'll leave you spellbound! Hypnotic is a massive yielder with a 50-day finish.

  • Beautiful Structure with Tons of Gleaming Crystals
  • Intense Floral Aromas - Short & Sturdy
Midnight Kush thumbnail

Midnight Kush

Purple Hues & Psychedelic Highs!

Coated in a coat of purple when exposed to cool night air, Midnight Kush is a real beauty with a high resistance to mould & a fast 50-day finish.

  • Extremely Easy to Trim or Train
  • Fresh, Fruity Flavour - Lasting Highs
Mozzarella thumbnail


Smells & Tastes Like Perfectly Aged Cheddar!

Always a favourite in the UK, classic Cheese is one of the best Skunks of all times! Extremely strong, very productive & as pungent as they come, this one is a real crowd pleaser.

  • Up to 1000 gr/seed Outside
  • Extremely Relaxing & Very Chill
Northern Lights Auto thumbnail

Northern Lights Auto

How Much Easier Can It Get?

To make the world's best beginner-friendly strain even better, G13 Labs crossed Northern Lights with their best Ruderalis. This one's for all you slackers!

  • Up to 400 gr/seed or 600 gr/m2
  • Loves the Big Lights - Mostly Indica
Northern Lights X Skunk thumbnail

Northern Lights X Skunk

Fast Finishes - Big Yields!

G13 Labs' Northern Light X Skunk Seeds say go big or go home. These Indica-dominant powerhouses can reach up to 900 astounding grams.

  • Sweet Flavours, Even Sweeter Stones
  • Massive Buds, Very Few Fans, Sooo Easy
OG13 thumbnail


G13 Labs Improves OG Kush!

OG13 is an Indica-dominant re-mix of Diesel plus specially selected Thai & Pakistani strains. These weed seeds are astonishingly strong & liberally coated with THC crystals.

  • Recommended for Inside - Loves SOG
  • Fruity & Sweet with Notes of Diesel
Pineapple Express thumbnail

Pineapple Express

Intense Head Highs, Unforgettable Aroma!

Pineapple Express is world-famous & for very good reason - this award-winning G13 Labs strain is a potent brain-bender with incredible flavours!

  • Unbelievable Yields - Very Heavy
  • Fast & Easy with Midrange Heights
Pineapple Express #2 thumbnail

Pineapple Express #2

Even Faster at 45 Days - 1300 gr/seed!

At G13 Labs, the hits just keep on coming! Pineapple Express #2 is now ready in as little as 45 days with even bigger yields. Brilliant!

  • Perfect for the Most Hostile Environments
  • Can Get up to 2.5 Meters Tall
Pineapple Express Auto thumbnail

Pineapple Express Auto

Fast, Fruity & Perfect for Smaller Spaces!

Pineapple Express Auto is a faster, friendlier version of G13 Labs' best selling strain. In 10 weeks or less from seed, these babies will do their thing!

  • Indica Dominant with Lasting Stones
  • Extremely Dense & Frosty
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