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Zuri Widow

Genehtik Seeds offers a multiple cup winning strain known as Zuri Widow that is consistently admired for its white appearance thanks to its extreme trichome production. Zuri Widow has a pungent flora
Northern Lights X thumbnail

Northern Lights X

From the team at Genehtik Seeds comes Northern Lights X, an atypical Northern Lights species with an exotic flavor twist. Most likely, you will not be able to avoid smiling when you finally taste the
Super Silver Bilbo thumbnail

Super Silver Bilbo

Genehtik Seeds gave us three words to best describe their Super Silver Bilbo: fat, heavy, and very dense. Super Silver Bilbo won 1st prize at the Bop Highlife BCN 2005 competition because it is extrem
Txomango thumbnail


Txomango is a wonderful hybrid from Genehtik Seeds that is a great social smoke because the high is pleasant, giggly, fun, and it has a great body buzz. Txomango is a combination of Jack Herer, a Sup
Showing 1-4 of 4

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Friendly Neighbourhood Seed Bank

Genehtik are a great bunch of guys who have been working hard toiling in the fields and raking through the world’s finest genetic cannabis seed stock since the late 90’s to bring you a sumptuous feast of glorious cannabis seeds.

By working with amateurs and professionals as well as farmers and scientists, they have come up with a mind blowing group of cannabis seeds they are proud to present to you. When you check out what they have on offer below you will see from their great properties that all the hard work has been worth it.

Genehtik Seeds exceptional Super Silver Bilbo and Zuri Widow are just some of the strains they know you will really appreciate for their deep rooted genetic qualities.

Grab your own Genehtik Seeds now before they’re snapped up by someone else!

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