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Get it On with Goodhouse Seeds - These Guys Are a Mystery, but All Their Seeds Kick Ass!

We heard from one chap that Goodhouse Seeds is a Spanish breeder, but all we could find when we tried to look them up was a hydroponics store in Rome. Hell, maybe these guys are with the real KGB, the CIA or they're f**king aliens. To be honest, we really don't care as long as they keep supplying us with fierce strains that push the very boundaries of possibility when it comes to power, stability and effect!

We're guessing the seed dudes at Good House Seeds have been enjoying a little bit too much of their own product and they've went a bit paranoid. These bad boys (or girls) don't even have a web site and there's barely a mention of them on Google. The Rhino understands going off the grid, but this is a bit ridiculous.

Maybe that's why Goodhouse Seeds named their signature strain KGB? The entire team seems to be made up of spooks, but KGB is totally bad-ass. In fact, it's so good that Goodhouse Seeds has pimped it out as the proud papa of almost every hybrid in what promises to be one of the most hardcore line-ups we've seen in years. What a ho!

  • Brand New Players Taking High-Powered Weed to the Next Level
  • Completely New Hybrids that Kick Ass & Take Names
  • Formulated Using World-Class Genetics for Proven Power

So far, Good House Seeds has only released standard cannabis seeds, and we haven't heard if they'll be making the switch to feminized seeds any time in the near future. Our guess is that they will if this new line takes off as forecasted. With names like Blue Crazy, Hash Balls #2 and Brave Unicorn, we have a feeling Good House Seeds will sell quite a bit of weed seeds. Those names are intriguing in their own right!

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