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Arjan`s Haze thumbnail

Arjan`s Haze

Massive buds and superior quality with spectacular THC concentration. An extraordinary champion for the most demanding growers.
El Nino thumbnail

El Nino

This was the first prize winner at the BIO HTCC in 1998. This is, as the name suggests, a stormy plant with some Brazillian pedigree as well as a mix of others. Great quality.
Great White Shark thumbnail

Great White Shark

Green House Himalayan Gold thumbnail

Green House Himalayan Gold

Put a little sparkle in your life with Green House Seeds Himalayan Gold! This strain is just as lovely as it is potent. The enormous trichomes are a rich, velvety green with lustrous golden hairs and perfectly clear crystals that catch the slightest light
Green House Seeds White Rhino thumbnail

Green House Seeds White Rhino

If you’re not careful, the White Rhino will run all over you! In a world filled with high THC values, this is one example of a strain that produces so much of this chemical that some very experienced cannabis collectors have had to cut back on this one. B
White Widow thumbnail

Greenhouse White Widow

This Widow has a moderate THC content and yield, but absolute connoisseur quality. It offers a strong Indica kick and an ever-present Sativa head-high, combined with a clean, smooth smoking flavour.
Hawaiian Snow thumbnail

Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow comes with a guaranteed Monster THC Content and Yield.
Nevilles Haze thumbnail

Nevilles Haze

Nevilles Haze was a cup winner in 1998 and has been the original choice of the skunk connoisseur ever since!
Super Silver Haze thumbnail

Super Silver Haze

Put down that crazy energy drink and pick up a little Super Silver Haze Standard! This cannabis variety might be just the thing to turn you into a morning person or a serious student. Although the eff
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Green House Seeds White Rhino

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