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Northern Pride

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White Pearl Feminized

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Pump Up the Power in Your Collection with High Quality Feminized Seeds!

All it takes is a few new feminized seeds from High Quality Seeds to take your collection to a whole new level! Discover the incredible power, eye-popping yields, off-the-hook flavour and astonishing effects these magnificent beans have to offer!

We can't leak any trade secrets, but High Quality Seeds uses state-of-the-art techniques to create these lush feminized seeds. Their method has been proven time and again to deliver near-perfect success rates. In fact, these cannabis seeds usually give you exactly what you expect even if you have no idea what you're doing! They really are that good.

  • Stunning 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds That Always Deliver!
  • Incredible Power Levels & Stupendous Effects
  • Fully Tested for Stability, Viability, Power & Vigour

At this time, High Quality Seeds only offers a few feminized seeds, but each one is truly special. Northern Pride is the world's best Northern Lights phenotype. This strain is slightly larger than the traditional variety, but the increased power & yield more than make up for this little change. You'll love this one!

High Quality's second feminized cannabis seed is White Pearl Feminized. If you're looking for insane resin levels, this baby's got it! She shines so bright they can see these cannabis seeds from space. You will not be disappointed by this one.

Can't decide? At these prices, why do you have to? The Rhino stops just short of mass murder to keep our costs super low, and we always pass this savings on to you. Plus, if you find the exact same cannabis seeds for less somewhere else, we'll beat that price too! What a deal!

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