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Afghani Hindu Kush thumbnail

Afghani Hindu Kush

Californian Orange Skunk thumbnail

Californian Orange Skunk


This strain is ideal for the inexperienced grower. It's very easy to cultivate under different conditions. Orange hairs will cover the buds. Tastes as sweet as candy.

Durban Poison Amazing Special thumbnail

Durban Poison Amazing Special

Four Way Special thumbnail

Four Way Special

Ghandi thumbnail


High Quality Seeds Early Girl Regular thumbnail
Northern Light thumbnail

Northern Light

Original Big Bud Super Skunk thumbnail

Original Big Bud Super Skunk

Original Hawaiian Maui Wowie Skunk thumbnail

Original Hawaiian Maui Wowie Skunk

Original Haze x Skunk thumbnail

Original Haze x Skunk

Original Highway Delight thumbnail

Original Highway Delight

Outsider thumbnail


Skunk 3 x A2 thumbnail

Skunk 3 x A2

South African Durban Poison x Skunk thumbnail

South African Durban Poison x Skunk

South India x Skunk thumbnail

South India x Skunk

Swazi x Skunk thumbnail

Swazi x Skunk

White Rose thumbnail

White Rose

Showing 1-17 of 17

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