James, Director of Rhino Seeds

Rhino Seeds is founded by Ben and James over a pot of Tea & a coiple of spliffs. The Worlds will never be the same again!

Jan 2002

Rhino logo

Jan 2003

The lovely Kelly Heinemeier comes on board as head of customer relations. Within days, UK stoners where totally satisfied!

Kelly, Customer Retations and PR for Rhino Seeds
Ray, Logistic Supervisor

RayGolding recruited as Logistics Supervisor. Thank Ray for incedibly fast and discreet deliveries.

May 2004

Dec 2005

Rhino Gifts was launched as the perfect sister-site to Rhino Seeds. Need anything?

Rhino Gifts Logo

Ben, the...

Ben goes rogue & resigns as Director of Rhino Seeds. Last we heard, he'd been spotted slumming in Bulgaria. F**k you Ben!

July 2010

Aug 2010

Gordon Phelps step in to fill one Ben's shoes with a big influx of cash and a few innovative ideas that positioned Rhino Seeds to become an ever bigger player in the UK cannabis game.

The Seed Blog

Rhino Seeds creates "The Seed Blog" and it quicly becomes the place to talk about, research &drool over the latest & greatest cannabis seeds.
Check out our latest entry!

Sep 2011

Nov 2011

Sherra Newark is hired as Rhino's creative content genius!

Sherry, Rhino Seeds Creative Director
Sarah, Ouitbound calling for Rhino Seeds

The Rhino hires Sarah Clark and immediately locks her in the inbound call center to answer your questions 24/7.

Jun 2012

Aug 2012

Jo saves the day as The Rhino's right-hand. She works directly with our Big Man to make sure our logistics and order to dispatch departments run smoothly.

Jo, Chief Seed Packer
Rhino 2013 new design

Rhino Seeds gets a much-needed makeover! After months of work, a completely redesigned webside is launched without a hitch.

Feb 2013

Feb 2013

To help implement all The Rhino's crazy post-launch ideas, IT geek Peter joins IT Support department.

Peter, design and coding support