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Cheese #1 thumbnail

Cheese #1

If you’re adding a Cheese section to your growing collection of cannabis seeds, why not start off with the original? Cheese #1 by Kaliman Seeds was the first of its kind and continues to be the only s
Cheese Quattro thumbnail

Cheese Quattro

The Cheese Quattro is a must-have addition for any serious collector with a Cheese fixation. In addition to providing four of the most popular Cheese varieties that Kaliman Seeds has to offer, this co
Cheese Tease thumbnail

Cheese Tease

Unlike most Cheese varieties, cheese isn’t the dominant flavor. Your first impression will be of a powerful Skunk #1, but the more delectable cheesy aftertaste, the Cheese Tease, will be a pleasant an
Marley’s Cheese thumbnail

Marley’s Cheese

Looking for the elusive resin bomb? You’ve finally found it in Marley’s Cheese! Kaliman Seeds has taken their popular Cheese Tease and continually inbred this hybrid using cutting-edge F2 gene recombi
Rocksters Cheese thumbnail

Rocksters Cheese

If you’re still learning the ropes, Rocksters Cheese from Kaliman Seeds is a perfect choice. This Sativa/Indica hybrid is an early bloomer, only requires light maintenance, and is a heavy-duty produce
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Kaliman Seeds Won 2 Cannabis Cups Right Out the Gate!

Kaliman Seeds have a totally fresh outlook on the cannabis world! This recently established company already has massive success as the proud winners of two Cannabis Cups and their brand is spreading like wildfire!

Kaliman tried explaining to us how and why his Cheese genetics are so good, but I really didn't understand a word he said! His extensive cannabis knowledge is so advanced it's almost a language in itself.

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