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Expand Your Mind with Authentic KC Brains Marijuana Seeds

KC Brains was one of the first breeders to jump into the Dutch cannabis seed trade way back in the psychedelic 70s, and they're still going strong. How many seed banks can say they've satisfied generation after generation of loyal stoners? Not many!

This brand's logo should include the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Throughout the years, KC Brains has held tight with his standard formula for the world's most impressive regular cannabis seeds. Call him backwards if you dare, but KC's strains outdo more modern breeds more often than not.

If you prefer all-natural marijuana seeds propagated the way nature intended, you won't regret picking up a pack or two of these babies! Wondering what the legendary KC Brains has to offer in his old-school bag of tricks? Let's take a peak!

For signature strain #1, Brain's Damage is a crystal-studded Indica that's a couch-locking cross of two incredible Afghani strains. Believe it or not, this one is extremely fast for an old-timer - it only needs 6 to 9 weeks of finish.

Brain's Escape is another potent Indica that's just as impressive. This time the cross was made between a famous European strain & a more obscure, but extra powerful, Indica from Brazil. Brain's Escape needs more time with a 9 to 12 week finish, but the even stronger, more outrageous effects are more than worth the wait!

As if this little trip back in time wasn't enough, The Rhino's prices on these lush cannabis seeds are so low you'll think we're still working off a 1970s price list. If you're sold on reliable, dependable, totally magnificent KC Brains' seeds, do the smart thing and buy them from Rhino Seeds. Your wallet will thank you - and it might even chip in for a pair of bell-bottoms to go with these classic beans!

Hop Aboard the KC Brains Time Machine for the Ride of Your Life - Order Your Seeds Today!