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100% Legal Cannabis Seeds

Collecting 5-Star Cannabis Seeds is 100% Legal in the UK!

At this time, it's completely legal to purchase 5-star cannabis seeds in the UK for preservation, collection or souvenier purposes. However, according to the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, germination, cultivation or any other use is explicitly prohibited unless you have a special permit to grow issued by the British Secretary of State.

In other words, growing cannabis, marijuana or weed is strictly, utterly & totally illegal. Don't do it!

100% Legal Cannabis Seeds

The Rhino Always Operates Within the Law

All Cannabis Seeds are Sold as Souveniers

When Collecting 5-Star Cannabis Seeds, Stay Dormant for Your Own Safety!

Rhino Seeds does not endorse, condone or encourage growing cannabis or any other illegal activity through the sale of cannabis seeds. All product descriptions included on this site are based entirely on information supplied by the breeder. No one at Rhino Seeds including the owner (AKA The Rhino), the employees or any agents have personally grown or used any product shown or sold on this site.

  • Rhino Seeds Only Sells 100% Legal Products
  • Collecting Cannabis Seeds is Legal in the UK
  • Rhino Seeds Does Not Encourage or Condone Any Illegal Use of Our Products

Rhino Seeds reserves the right to cancel any order if we have reason to believe that the customer plans to violate the law in any way. If we cancel your order, any charges previously processed will be immediately refunded in the same fashion that they were received.

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