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A Train thumbnail

A Train

The is a hybrid between afghani Mazar-I-Sharif and the clone-only Arcata e-32 Trainwreck.
Ak 48 thumbnail

Ak 48

Since the mid 1990's AK strains have been increasingly popular.
Aurora Indica thumbnail

Aurora Indica

Aurora Indica is an F1 hybrid of Afghan and Northern Lights. Aurora Indica stays short and produces heavy colas. This plant has exceptional resin production and the buds are dense. Aurora produces a d
BlackJack thumbnail


You simply can’t lose when you play the game with Nirvana’s BlackJack. This feminized seed gives a whole new meaning to MMJ with incredible power, extra-thick resin & a fresh fruit/herbal flavour. Bla
Blackberry thumbnail


Blackberry is as sweet they come! These cannabis seeds are a superb blend of Seattle’s Black Domino & Nirvana’s signature Raspberry Cough with high yields, full-bodied smoke & subtle flavour. Blackber
Blue Mystic Auto thumbnail

Blue Mystic Auto

With Blue Mystic Auto, Nirvana has shot your favourite baby-blue weed into the future! Although it’s now a fully autoflowering strain, Blue Mystic Auto still has that same savage Indica power paired w
Bubblicious Auto thumbnail

Bubblicious Auto

Oozing with juicy pink goodness, Bubblicious Auto is as tasty as she is easy! If you’re looking for that classic sugary flavour from your childhood, Bubblicious really takes the weed brownie!
Chrystal thumbnail


Chrystal is a White Widow re-back-crossed with Northern Lights.
Eldorado thumbnail


Eldorado Cannabis Seeds are just as legendary as their epic name. While others search for the mythical City of Gold, you can strike it rich with Eldorado Seeds, a potent backcross of a pure Mexican Sa
Full Moon thumbnail

Full Moon

Ready for an unforgettable trip? Step aboard the Full Moon Express for the ride of a lifetime. This smoke-filled train isn’t haunted, but the visual highs can get a little spooky. If you’ve got what i
Hawaii Maui Waui thumbnail

Hawaii Maui Waui

Back in the day, Hawaii Maui Waui was THE strain to own. Now, you can get the original genetics in this inbred version created by Nirvana Seeds. Hawaii Maui Waui is all tropical Sativa with strong (bu
Haze 1 thumbnail

Haze 1

You simply can't beat Haze 1! This classic Sativa has thrilled the cannabis world with her intense head rushes since it was first developed in the 1970s. For a real classic with proven power, don't mi
Ice thumbnail


With Ice we have successfully attempted to bring quality and quantity together. Ice has ancestors of Afghani, a very special Skunk, Northern Light, and Shiva. An intense selection process of thousands
Indoor Mix thumbnail

Indoor Mix

We have put together 5 of our most popular indoor varieties in one package! These popular selections are: Master Kush, Afghan, Pure Power Plant, Skunk #1, Nirvana Special This selection provides
Jock Horror thumbnail

Jock Horror

Jock Horror finishes faster than Jack Herer while still offering that same intense, uplifting buzz and unbeatable flavour. As a bona fide member of the White Family, Jock Horror practically drips with
Medusa thumbnail


Medusa is the latest addition to our harem at Nirvana. Powerful Misty genes contribute to MedusaÂ’s ability to turn people to stone. Firm light green buds have a deep musty aroma and a sugar cane afte
New York Power Diesel thumbnail

New York Power Diesel

New York Power Diesel is a gritty, urban strain that smells just like an oil-covered city street right after the delivery trucks roll through. That might not sound so hot, but it's utterly, insanely,
Nirvana Bubblelicious Feminised thumbnail

Nirvana Bubblelicious Feminised

Bubblelicious was developed in the Midwest, U.S.A. then brought to Holland in the 90s and further refined. Bubblelicious grows vigorously and finishes flowering in about 8 weeks.
Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic Feminised thumbnail

Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic Feminised

Blue Mystic was especially selected for its soft blue hues that show up about mid way into flowering. Blue Mystic grows very similar to Northern Lights with all of its desirable qualities with an adde
Nirvana Seeds Kaya Gold Feminised thumbnail

Nirvana Seeds Kaya Gold Feminised

Kaya Gold Feminized’s dual nature combines the power and quality of a Sativa with the high yields and short cycles of an Indica. With this background, Kaya Gold Feminized delivers a one-two punch of p
Showing 1-20 of 39

Nirvana Feminised Seeds - The Only Name You Need to Know!

You could spend your entire life collecting Nirvana Feminised Seeds & never miss a thing. This brand has the absolute best strains, the widest variety & the highest level of quality. How did you think Nirvana got to be the poster child for Dutch weed?

If you crave the deep, couchlocking power of rich, full-bodied Indica genetics, look no further than Nirvana's classic Aurora Indica. This old-school classic is what great weed is all about. She's an F1 hybrid of a pure Afghan & legendary Northern Lights. Powerful, reliable, & indoor-friendly - feminized seeds just don't get better than that!

Need a lift? Nirvana's Pure Power Plant is the feminized seed for you! This incredible Sativa is an instant mood booster with soaring power, explosive yields & the thickest resin we've ever seen. If frost is your thing, you'll be devastated by these babies!

Of course, no other cannabis seed is quite as lovely as Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic Feminised. These beans practically glow with their vibrant blue tones, and the fresh berry flavour is just as nice. As an added bonus, Blue Mystic's neutral aroma makes this the perfect choice if you're operating on the down low!

There's no way we could profile every single masterpiece contained within the Nirvana Feminised collection, so you'll have to start clicking those THC-laced pictures shown above to learn more about these luscious strains!

Do Yourself a Favour - Buy Nirvana Feminised Seeds Today!

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