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Acapulco Gold Feminized thumbnail

Acapulco Gold Feminized

Thanks to recent advances in Cannabis genetic manipulation, Barney’s Farm has pioneered a new tier in the world of Cannabis. The quality of their Acapulco Gold goes beyond the often rhapsodized smoke
Acid thumbnail


As Paradise Seeds’ take on NYC Diesel, Acid delivers that same sour, fuely flavour you crave but in a more potent, higher yielding form. For overwhelming highs and a lighter mood, give Paradise Seeds’
Allkush Feminized thumbnail

Allkush Feminized

Allkush Feminized is even sexier than the regular version! Prepare yourself for a flood of tingling sensations paired with extreme relaxation and balanced highs. Allkush Feminized reaches 18% THC and
Atomical Haze thumbnail

Atomical Haze

Atomical Haze will blow you away with energizing highs, 18% THC and stupendous yields. Oozing with resin & intense flavours, Atomical Haze is the perfect choice for wake-and-bake!
AutoMaria Feminized thumbnail

AutoMaria Feminized

Automaria II thumbnail

Automaria II

Automaria II adds euphoric Sativa power to this super-fast mix. With Automaria II, you can experience penetrating stones as well as uplifting highs in just 60 days from seed. How awesome is that?
Bangi Haze thumbnail

Bangi Haze

Whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur, Bangi Haze from ACE Seeds is definitely recommended. After generations of stabilization, ACE Seeds produces this F4 hybrid of a Congolese female and a Nep
Black Diesel Seeds thumbnail

Black Diesel Seeds

Buying Black Diesel Seeds let’s you in on a closely guarded secret... The secret is that this 70% Sativa – 30% Indica is an unknown crossed with NYC Diesel: one of the most awarded plants in Canna
Cheese Candy thumbnail

Cheese Candy

Cheese Candy might sound like a sweet-shop nightmare, but this is a truly tasty medicinal cannabis seed. In addition to its sweet flavour & intense aroma, Cheese Candy finishes extremely fast to provi
Critical Seeds thumbnail

Critical Seeds

Critical from Advanced Seeds is a large and branched out plant with massive flower production. Its genetics are a cross between Critical Mass, Brazillian, and South Indian selections. Fortunately, t
Early Widow thumbnail

Early Widow

Early Widow from Advanced Seeds is their version of the predominantly Sativa White Widow. Being strongly Indica, it is very resinous and aromatic. The amount of resin produced by this Cannabis varie
Green House Seeds Jack Herer thumbnail

Green House Seeds Jack Herer

The Green house seed company released this strain as a tribute to the legendary Jack Herer! This is one strain that really does have too many cup wins to list all on one page and that's no exaggeratio
Haze Mist thumbnail

Haze Mist

Haze mist is a fusion of a Haze classic with a special White Widow hand picked from many. From Advanced Seeds, this Sativa dominant Cannabis strain expresses a shorter than usual flowering cycle with
Ice Kush thumbnail

Ice Kush

Ice Kush from Advanced Seeds is a voluptuous cross between a strong Kush strain and a specially selected African Sativa. Like the strong Indicas, this Cannabis variety produces typical Indica buds bu
Indica Champions Pack thumbnail

Indica Champions Pack

Explore the intense stones and savage power of this side of the cannabis world with the Indica Champions Pack by Paradise Seeds. The Indica Champions Pack includes Sensi Star, Ice Cream and White Berr
Jack Plant thumbnail

Jack Plant

Being related to Jack Herer, it is not hard to believe this Cannabis plant is dank. This variety is said to be extremely productive with a satisfying amount of trichome production. In addition, it i
Kaia Kush thumbnail

Kaia Kush

The Kaia Kush is a very popular version of the Kush, created by Apothecary Genetics in California, and remastered into the feminized version by Green House Seed Company in 2008-2009. It is a cross of
Kaya 47 thumbnail

Kaya 47

Kaya 47 is in the same family as the LEGENDARY AK-47. It has been selected for its rapid flowering cycle, larger than usual yield, and extreme resin production! With a stellar bud to leaf ration, po
Kosher Kush thumbnail

Kosher Kush

If you're looking for the absolute best weed of your life, you have to try Kosher Kush Feminized! This super-stinky Indica has won multiple HTCC Cups, a few Spannabis titles and the title of Best Strain of the Year for 2011! With Kosher Kush Feminized, t
Oldtimers Haze thumbnail

Oldtimers Haze

If you have been craving a good old fashioned Skunk strain that will make you reminisce about the original, then ACE Seeds’ Oldtimer’s Haze is for you!! Lucky for you, this Cannabis strain contains g
Showing 1-20 of 31

Reliable, Hand-Selected Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds of the Highest Quality

With over three decades of solid experience and more than 30 Cups to its credit, Paradise Seeds is one of the most respected names in the cannabis industry. If you're looking for a true connoisseur-grade strain in an autoflowering format, you'll fall head-over-heels in love with this illustrious breeder's intense line of AutoFems.

  • Hand-Selected for Ripeness and Viability
  • 100% Feminized & Completely Automatic
  • Developed & Tested by the Foremost Experts
  • Fast Finishes, High Power, Extreme Effects & Beginner Friendly

Paradise Seeds takes great pride in knowing their customer base and delivering exactly what they want. Although these breeders are well aware that the automatic market is filled with collectors who are looking for ease-of-use and dependability, this doesn't mean that the same group wants to give up anything to get those valuable features.

As you browse through our selection of Paradise Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds, you'll notice a few things. These beans have been developed to give you exactly what you're looking for in great weed without any of the hassle. They're extremely potent, very flavourful, exceptionally stable and they offer amazingly fast finishes. In most cases, these weed seeds also provide powerful medicinal cannabis to those who can really use it.

During your stay at Rhino Seeds, we’re sure you'll notice one more thing, too. These autoflowering cannabis seeds are priced extra low thanks to the Rhino's strong negotiation skills. Although he's not much of a talker, there's nothing like a head-butt from this horny beast to make the prices drop through the floor!

Buy Connoisseur-Quality Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from Paradise Seeds Below!