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Purple Caper

The Undisputed King of Cali Weed Seeds!

Purple Caper has been a well-kept secret that few outside the Bay Area of Cali knew about until now. This killer offers 1.5+ lb yields plus a pedigree that's impossible to beat!

  • (Granddaddy Purp X Diesel) X (White Widow X Pure Indica)
  • Sweet Smell, Gigantic Green Flowers with Purple Splashes
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Incredible Standard Weed Seeds - Way Better than Regular!

Call them traditional, call them old-school, call them throwbacks, or even heirloom, but don't call these weed seeds regular. Purple Caper pours way too much effort into this gear for them to ever be called that! By filling their gene pool with only the best fathers, carefully selected and back crossed for purity, this elite West Coast breeder dials it in for enhanced yields, accelerated power and full-bodied aromas without compare. Clone much? Not a problem!

  • Elite Fathers X Cali's Best Mothers
  • Bigger Yields - Most Strains Exceed a Pound Per Seed
  • All Perform Like Crazy Outside, Most Are Great Inside Too!
  • Perfect for Cloning & Special Projects!

No matter how good any strain might be, it'll be a hundred times better crossed with a genuine Purple Caper father! Don't believe us? You don't have to! Just check out a Gorilla Glue BX grow log online. The web is full of them, each one better than the last. Same goes for Grand Caper, Girl Scout Cookies F2 and all the rest of Purple Caper's weed seeds. Best of all, you can get all of them right here, right now at Rhino Seeds for a phenomenal low price.

Grab Your Purple Caper Seeds Today - These Babies Do Not Disappoint!