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Royal Gorilla thumbnail

Royal Gorilla

Some Phenos Tested at 30+% THC!

Not only does Royal Gorilla contain 100% authentic Gorilla Glue genetics, these babies don't spare a thing when it comes to thick, gooey resin & near-lethal potency. They're killer!

  • Strong Physical Stones & Uplifting Head Highs!
  • Great Taste - Sweet, Earthy, Lemon, Lime
Royal Haze Automatic thumbnail

Royal Haze Automatic

Skip the Trip to the 'Dam & Get Royal Haze Automatic!

If you can't make it to Amsterdam, do the next best thing. Royal Haze Automatic is authentic coffeeshop smoke without any of the hassle. These autoflowering cannabis seeds only need 10 weeks from seed!

  • Cannabis Cup Winning Genetics - Up to 100 gr/seed
  • Much Shorter than Traditional Haze at 100 cm or Less
Royal Highness thumbnail

Royal Highness

RQS Goes High CBD with New Royal Highness!

Crystal clear & active, Royal Highness does more than take the edge off without causing any anxiety. Don't expect any euphoria or stone with these female cannabis seeds. They're all about the healing power of weed seeds!

  • 8 Week Finishes, 90 gr/seed Yields, 100 cm or Shorter
  • Very Balanced with a Slight Sativa Tilt
Royal Kush Auto thumbnail

Royal Kush Auto

350 gr/m2 in 9 Weeks or Less!

Royal Kush Auto pumps out authentic OG Kush buds complete with their intense aroma in the same amount of time more traditional strains need for veg. They're crazy fast!

  • Spicy Aroma with Just a Hint of Ripe Fruit
  • Physical & Mental - Relaxing & Inspiring
Royal Madre thumbnail

Royal Madre

One Mother You'd Love to …. Smoke!

Royal Madre is a high-powered Jack the Reeper X Queen Madre hybrid with rich flavours, 18% THC & a relaxing, appetite stimulating, medical high.

  • Beginner Friendly - Very Simple
  • Up to 450 gr/m2 Inside, 500 gr/seed Outside
Royal Medic thumbnail

Royal Medic

Royal Medic Cures What Ails You!

To experience the true healing power of ganja seeds, drop the couchlockers & pick up Royal Medic. The high CBD levels turn these feminised seeds into potent MMJ powerhouses!

  • Crystal Clear Effects with No Anxiety or Nervousness
  • 125 gr/seed, 9 Week finishes, Extremely High CBD
Royal Moby thumbnail

Royal Moby

Royal Moby is a Big, Fat Whale of a Weed Seed!

Royal Moby blows other cannabis seeds out of the water when it comes to yield, power or extreme effect. These fems are real monsters with output that can only be described as unbelievable!

  • Astronomical Highs & Cup-Winning Quality - 20% THC
  • Even Bigger Yields Outside - 1000 gr/seed or More!
Royal Queen Critical Feminized thumbnail

Royal Queen Critical Feminized

Critical: Extreme Speed, Volcanic Yields, Dwarf Size!

At just 50 cm tall, Royal Queen Critical Feminized is simply incredible. This Skunk hybrid pumps out a ton of dank in just 7 weeks or less, & you can't beat that with a Thai stick!

  • Unbelievably Gigantic Yields in 6-7 Weeks
  • Potent Indica-Dom Hybrid - Body & Mind!
Royal Queen OG Kush Feminized thumbnail

Royal Queen OG Kush Feminized

Claim Your VIP Status with OG Kush Cannabis Seeds!

Royal Queen OG Kush Feminized is famous throughout the world as the go-to strain for rockers, movie stars & wanna-bes. Why should they have all the fun when you can get your own OG Kush Seeds right here & now for less?

  • Devastatingly Strong - Too Heavy for Casual Tokers
  • Dank Aroma & Biting Flavours - Finishes in 7-8 Weeks
Shining Silver Haze thumbnail

Shining Silver Haze

Crave Sweet Haze Flavour But Hate the Wait?

Get Shining Silver Haze & enjoy instant lift-off! This Sativa finishes in 9 to 10 weeks with Indica-like heights, mouth-watering flavour & head-rushing power. You'll love 'em!

  • Extremely High THC for Galactic Head Highs
  • Short & Fast for a Sativa - 9 to 10 Week Finish/1 m Tall
Skunk #1 thumbnail

Skunk #1


One whiff of this sh*t & you'll know it's genuine Skunk #1! Why settle for bland copies with you can have the original stinkmeister? Get your piece of weed history today!

  • Original Columbian X Mexican X Afghan Formula
  • Hard-Hitting Highs - 500 gr/m2 Yields
Skunk XL thumbnail

Skunk XL

Pure Pungent Perfection - More Yield, More Stink!

Nothing smells like authentic Skunk, and with Skunk XL, you'll get your fill and then some! This is, without a doubt, one of the highest yielding Skunks ever released!

  • Up to 650 gr/m2 Inside, 675 gr/seed Outside
  • 17% THC, 7 to 8 Week Finish, Medium Size
Somango XL thumbnail

Somango XL

So Fruity, So Strong, So Good!

Sweet flavours, fruity aromas, high yields & functional highs come together to make Somango XL a unique Indica with staying power. She lasts for hours!

  • AKA "The Beast"
  • Hardy & Noob-Friendly
Sour Diesel thumbnail

Sour Diesel

Pucker Up Baby - Sour Diesel Just Hit Town!

For 2013, Sour Diesel jumps the pond to bring certified Cali goodness to UK tokers! These female seeds are even better than NYCD with a sour twist & an extra potent kick.

  • Mostly Sativa for Crisp, Clear Highs - Invigorating!
  • Up to 80 Grams per Seed - Stable Feminised Seeds
Special Kush #1 Feminized thumbnail

Special Kush #1 Feminized

Kick It Old-School with Special Kush #1 Feminized!

Forget trendy weed & return to the source for pure Indica power. As wild & wicked as the day she was plucked from the remote Hindu Kush, Special Kush #1 Feminized is what good smoke is all about!

  • Unbelievably Fast - 7-Week Finishes
  • 45 gr/seed or 400 gr/m2 Under Great Conditions
Special Queen #1 Feminized thumbnail

Special Queen #1 Feminized

Save Money - Buy Special Queen #1 Feminized!

Check out the prices on these babies! This basic, no-frills weed has everything you need & nothing you don't, & she's a genuine HTCC winner. Order your Special Queen #1 today or hate yourself for missing out!

  • Power Bud X Skunk - Two God-Like Strains!
  • Up to 50 gr/m2 Inside with a 7-8 Week Finish
Speedy Chili Fast Version thumbnail

Speedy Chili Fast Version

So Fast, She's Smokin'!

Ready after just 6 weeks of bloom, Speedy Chili Fast Version doesn't waste a second! Yields are unbelievably big at 525 gr/m2, and the effects are simply stunning.

  • Plenty of Power at 16% THC
  • Great for Experts & Noobs!
Sweet Skunk Automatic thumbnail

Sweet Skunk Automatic

Sweet Skunk Auto Brings Spanish Power to the UK!

Don't move to Spain to get Green Poison's incredible power - buy Sweet Skunk Automatic instead! No need for enormous spaces, intense sunlight or extensive experience with this wicked-good AutoFem.

  • Incredible Yields for an Auto - 40-50 gr/seed!
  • Extremely Fast - 8-9 Weeks from Seed!
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

White Widow: Wicked, Wanton & Soooo Sticky!

It's been 20 years, but White Widow never gets old. She's still pumping out extra-thick layers of gleaming resin like a real champ. Pull out the tarps & get to it!

  • 325-425 gr/m2 Yields of Top-Quality Smoke
  • Extreme Power, 8-9 Week Finishes, Easy to Manage
White Widow Automatic thumbnail

White Widow Automatic

Get Sticky in 1/2 the Time with White Widow Auto!

RQS's White Widow Automatic leaves original Widow choking on her dust! These smokin' hot ganja seeds rock with 75 day finishes from seed without sacrificing goo or power.

  • Balanced Indica to Sativa Ration for Highs & Stones
  • Small & Managable - 50 to 110 cm - Soooo Easy!
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