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Crazy Miss Hyde thumbnail

Crazy Miss Hyde

Its mother is a cross between a Superskunk and an F1 hybrid that was a vigorous female and its father was a Northern Light Afghani x Skunk x Haze cross. Samsara warns not to smoke TOO MUCH of this
El Alquimista thumbnail

El Alquimista

Being the best of its kind, Samsara Seeds El Alquimista variety is a cross between the short flowering AK 47 and the always excellent Northern Lights. This variety produces long foxtail like flowers
Flash Babylon Automatic thumbnail

Flash Babylon Automatic

According to Samsara Seeds, Flash Babylon is one of the most productive and THE most powerful automatic Cannabis strain that they distribute. Coming from Low Ryder genetics, the other parent of this
Green Love Potion thumbnail

Green Love Potion

This plant is suitable for nearly every environment making it easy to grow for novices and professionals. These plants produce compact flowers that are easy to manicure and are coated with resin crys
Jekyll Passion thumbnail

Jekyll Passion

Get Monster Yields with Jekyll Passion Seeds!

If 900 gr/m2 isn't enough for you, you really are a greedy bastard! That's exactly what Jekyll Passion is capable of in just 60-70 days inside or out. She's fabulous!

  • Black Domina X Original Flo
  • 18% THC - 65% Sativa
Kiss Dragon thumbnail

Kiss Dragon

No One's Safe When Kiss Dragon is on the Prowl!

Kiss Dragon is a delicious mix of Black Domina & Pure Nepalese Sativa with rich fruit flavour & a yummy caramel fragrance - a little dark, slightly dangerous, but oh-so-good!

  • 18% THC, 60% Indica, Up to 800 gr/seed!
  • Mystical & Introspective - Perfect for Soul Searching!
Punky Lion thumbnail

Punky Lion

Punky Lion is a Real Beast!

It only takes Punky Lion 50-66 days to literally explode with massive, crystal-coated tops & rocky nuggs. Experienced testers have seen yields as high as 900 gr/seed!

  • 100% Indica, 18% THC, Extremely Hardy
  • Matanuska Tundra X Chronic - Epic!
Shot Adrenaline Automatic thumbnail

Shot Adrenaline Automatic

Shot Adrenaline Automatic Only Needs 45 Days Total!

No time to wait? With Shot Adrenaline Automatic, you won't have to! These super-rapid autoflowering cannabis seeds only need 45 days to pump out generous yields of extra-sticky, uber-fruity, Sativa-dominant smoke.

  • 21% THC, 6-Week Finishes, 55-75 Grams!
  • Acid Fruit Flavour & Strong, Skunky Aroma
Spicy White Devil thumbnail

Spicy White Devil

Spicy White Devil Slays'em with 21% THC!

Spicy White Devil brings together two legendary strains (Jack Herer & Original Blueberry) to create the perfect hybrid with soaring cerebral effects & massive Indica highs. These feminized seeds are outrageously good!

  • 21% THC, Up to 900 gr/m2 Yields, 65% Sativa
  • Fruity Fragrance, Blueberry Flavour, Red & Blue Tints
Spiritual Punk thumbnail

Spiritual Punk

Spiritual Punk is a heavy 100% Indica hybrid that is a cross between Northern Lights and Mazar. This strain is definitely strong and is used medicinally to help people who sufer from hyperactivity, p
Supersonic Cristal Storm thumbnail

Supersonic Cristal Storm

To produce this strain, Samsara Seeds used a Low Ryder specimen and crossed it with one of their best Black Domina mothers and then backcrossed the offspring to sustain the autoflowering characteristi
Sweet Black Angel thumbnail

Sweet Black Angel

Sweet Black Angel is a cross between Black Domina and Super Silver Haze producing a love child bearing an 80% Indica / 20% Sativa characteristic. This hybrid emerged as a member of the new generation
Thunder Bloody Mary thumbnail

Thunder Bloody Mary

These plants more closely resemble their Mazar mother and will enter flowering 12 days after germination. 65 days after germination, flowers that are strong with the smell of Afghanistan genetics and
Ultraviolet Automatic thumbnail

Ultraviolet Automatic

This Cannabis variety was created by crossing the original White Dwarf x Skunk specimen with a Lavender and then later backcrossed to maintain the autoflowering characteristic. Nearly every desired f
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