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Auto Mix


Can't make up your mind? Buy SGS's Auto Mix Pack and get a little bit of everything. This is a random selection, but there are absolutely no bad choices here - they're all good!

  • Random Mix of 8 Autoflowering Seeds - Classic & New
  • Extreme Variety - Ready in 80 Days or Less from Seed
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Juicy OGRE Auto


Infused with rich tropical flavour, Juicy OGRE Auto gets our vote as the tastiest gear at Secret Garden Seeds, but don't take our word for it! Try this fruit-punch flavoured powerhouse & find out for yourself.

  • OGRE Auto X A Delicious Polynesian Strain
  • Mostly Sativa with 2 Distinct Phenos - Outstanding!
Naranja Diesel Auto thumbnail

Naranja Diesel Auto

Naranja Diesel Auto Mixes Orange Peel & Fuel

According to SGS, they saved this limited edition mix for a rainy day. Apparently, it's pouring pungent diesel fuel & tangy orange peel because these autoflowering seeds are finally ready to pop - Get 'em now!

  • White Citrus X IBL NYC Diesel - New for 2013
  • A Limited Edition Powerhouse - Monster-Sized AutoFems
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OGRE Complete Redefines Autoflowering Genetics!

Insanely vigorous from the very start, OGRE is breaking through every autoflowering barrier known to man. This is a real monster, my friends, with up to 120 gr/seed in just 77 days or less!

  • Refined for Skunk Phenos, Fast Finishes & High Yields
  • Durban Poison, Skunk #1, Hindu Kush, Amnesia Haze
Pink Citrus Auto thumbnail

Pink Citrus Auto


If you like fruit-scented weed, you're in for a treat. Pink Citrus Auto delivers a full range of aromas from sweet berries to tangy citrus and everything in between. Your nose will thank you for this one!

  • Pink OGRE X White Citrus F1 - Limited Edition Seeds
  • Up to 90 cm, 75 Days or Less, 60 Grams or More
Pink OGRE Auto thumbnail

Pink OGRE Auto


This Pink Salad X OGRE mix has a definite pink lean, but the yields have been boosted to astronomical levels. The resin is thick, the aroma is intoxicating & the buds are dense. Yeah, baby!

  • Includes Blueberry, Mazar, Durban Poison & Skunk #1
  • 65 to 70 Days From Seed - Smells Like Fruit Jam & Citrus
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Pink Salad Auto


Pink Salad Auto Seeds are brimming with rich, exotic flavours & intense aromas that range from super-sweet blackberry to crisp green apple. They're ridiculously good!

  • 100% Feminized Seeds - Fully Autoflowering Genetics
  • Up to 30 gr/seed in 70 Days or Less from Seed
White Citrus Auto thumbnail

White Citrus Auto

White Citrus Auto - She's a Real Creep!

And in this case, that's a good thing. This F4 version of Secret Citrus takes a minute or two to sneak up on you, but then it's on. Be careful & take things slow with this wicked-good autoflowering dwarf.

  • Large Dwarf with up to 60 gr/seed Yields in Under 75 Days
  • Mild Lemon/Orange Aroma on the Vine - Very Tempting!
White OGRE Auto thumbnail

White OGRE Auto


SGS is back with a vengeance. By combining their high-volume OGRE with the delightfully frosty & dense White Citrus, they've created what may be the absolute best automatic hybrid on Earth. Check 'em out!

  • Original OGRE Auto X White Citrus Auto - A Fabulous F1
  • High Yielding, Extra Dense, Very Frosty
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100% Feminized & Fully Automatic - What Could Be Easier Than That?

If you don't have time or money to waste, go with a fabulous AutoFem from the Secret Garden Seeds Feminized collection! As one of the newest breeders to take on this segment of the market, SGS didn't put any limits on what their autoflowering seeds could do. They've broken through all barriers to create true next generation automatics with all the yield, all the power & all the flavour of traditional photoperiod strains without making you wait forever to get exactly what you were promised.

And, they didn't stop there. To deliver the full package, Secret Garden Seeds added intense colour to their genetic mix through the use of one of the most vivid red breeds on the planet - the one & only Bloody Stump. As a result, your set-up will be flooded with pinks, lavenders and crystal-clear, gleaming whites. After all, cannabis seeds should thrill every single one of your senses, so why not go for a little eye candy?

  • Extremely Popular - Forum Favourites!
  • Elite Genetics - Absolute Highest Standard of Quality
  • Bred in Cannabis Friendly Spain
  • Mostly Automatic with a Select Few Photoperiod Strains

In addition to painting the fully autoflowering seed industry with some much-needed colour, Secret Garden Seeds is also known for their experimentation. With the courage to go where no one else thought to go, this forward-thinking group pioneered the little-known, but highly rewarding, blanket cropping technique to prove that their weed seeds could get the job done in absolutely any type of environment.

So, what could possibly make a Secret Garden Seeds bean any better? That's a good question with a simple answer - buy them from Rhino Seeds! The Rhino has done all the legwork to bring you the best selection at the lowest prices and made sure they are as fresh as possible. You'll receive your choice of SGS feminized seeds nestled safely within their sealed breeder pack for maximum protection. How awesome is that?

Don't Wait - They Go Fast! Order Your Secret Garden Feminized Seeds Today!