Flowering Time
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Jamaican Grape

Jamaican Grape is often referred to as a sticky and sweet connoisseur strain. Additionally, Jamaican Grape brings on one of the most complex up highs that leaves your head relaxed and the body active! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?
Northern Flame thumbnail

Northern Flame

Northern Flame produces an extremely peppery smell and a very creamy taste that expands in your lungs. The high is sativa dominant and packs a cerebral BANG even on the most chronic smokers (no joke)!
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Purple Pineberry

This hybrid of the Purple Pineberry was made with one of Secret Valley’s prized males is a competitively hardy plant that boasts a pine scent and fast flowering time.
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Top Dollar

The skunky stench that comes from these plants is seriously unbelievable. The consumers always choose this strain when given a choice simply because it smells SO dank and packs a BIG punch. Secret Valley strains all tend to deliver a big high.
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