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Indica Selection Pack

This selection pack contains four unique Indica strains. These strains can grow side by side due to their similar growth patterns so don’t worry about that. With the ultimate Indica selection you can try four Indicas each with very distinct tastes and s
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Seedism’s Milk gets WHITER and MORE resinous EVERY day during her flowering cycle right up until the last few weeks. Simply because of the whiteness of the pistils, the buds, and the trichomes, they had to call this strain Milk.
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Outdoor Selection Pack

These four strains can be grown comfortably indoors or outdoors but we selected these four for the outdoor pack because of their high potency, speed of flowering, and mold resistance.
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Sativa Selection Pack

These four Sativa strains are a perfect representation of the diversity and quality from these exotic parts of the world. These ultimate Sativas are PACKED with high THC levels, exotic flavors and motivational, uplifting and spiritual effects. These
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This is a strain for cash crop growers desiring both yield and quality and that don’t mind investing in new manicuring scissors frequently. The aromas weave between pine and caramel, but this strain does not smell too strong during the budding cycle.
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Taste Bud

These seeds will grow small busy plants that can produce THE fattest buds you may have ever seen. Reported yields of over a gram per wattage for experience cultivators are not uncommon for Taste Bud, making this probably the best OG Kush hybrid today.
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The Gaffa

If you are looking for a perfect example of the raw power and style of Afghanistan genetics, then The Gaffa is your one stop shop for Cannabis seeds. The Gaffa is a quick flowering strain that can grow both indoors and outdoors in temperate climates.
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