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Apple Jack Feminized thumbnail

Apple Jack Feminized

A fast flowering, Sativa dominant plant with an over competitive THC content and comfortably large yields. AppleJack grows to medium heights and can be grown in most grow rooms and even in a greenhouse.
BLZBud Feminized thumbnail

BLZBud Feminized

CheeseWreck Feminized thumbnail

CheeseWreck Feminized

Killa-Watt Feminized thumbnail

Killa-Watt Feminized

The Killa-Watt from Seedism Seeds is a Hindukush hybrid that was selected for its extreme growth vigor resulting in incredible yields. This strain is absolutely perfect for growers that need uniform plants with little stretch and big satisfying buds.
Twist 108 Feminized thumbnail

Twist 108 Feminized

Twist 108 expresses a pretty even Indica / Sativa growth patterns and has potential to storm the market as the high yielding cash crop that indoor growers have been looking for. It has a great yield, fabulous potency, and a wonderfully sweet taste.
White Skunk Feminized thumbnail

White Skunk Feminized

White Skunk brings to the table a combination of high THC and CBD concentrations that resemble the experience of being on a rollercoaster for 30 minutes followed by a freefall landing on a massive bed of clouds.
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