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Big Devil thumbnail

Big Devil

Big Devil Auto is the biggest autoflowering Skunk we’ve ever seen! This monster reaches a full 1.5 meters tall with massive yields of rock-hard, super-sticky nuggs. For wicked power & fruity flavour,
Big Devil 2 thumbnail

Big Devil 2

Big Devil 2 was developed in response to growers requesting higher yields from an auto flowering plant. Surprisingly tall for an auto you can expect some bumper yields.
Big Devil XL Auto thumbnail

Big Devil XL Auto

When Sweet Seeds said to go bigger, they weren’t kidding! Big Devil XL is one of the biggest AutoFem’s we’ve ever seen! For yields that go all the way to 650 gr/m2 in just 9 weeks, nothing less than B
Black Cream Auto thumbnail

Black Cream Auto

Black Cream Auto: 8 Weeks to Sweeeet Darkness!

New for 2013, Black Cream Auto is a dark beauty with wicked-fast finishes, sweet flavours & a near-black cure. If you're looking for bag appeal, these babies have it!

  • 8 Weeks from Seed - Up to 550 gr/m2 Inside
  • Original Cream Caramel X Purple Pakistani Kush Auto
Black Jack Auto thumbnail

Black Jack Auto

Sweet sees assure us that it will take an expert to notice the difference between produce from Black Jack Auto and the original Black Jack. Black Jack Auto was produced from crossing of S.A.D Auto (Sw
Cream Caramel Auto thumbnail

Cream Caramel Auto

Cream Caramel Auto is a result of Sweet Seeds amazing breeding techniques, Cream caramel Auto was produced by crossing Cream Caramel with some of Sweet Seeds best auto's. This new auto flowering strai
Sweet Special Auto thumbnail

Crystal Candy Auto

Big, Sweet, Sticky & Ready in 8 Weeks from Seed!

Sweet Seeds did it again with Crystal Candy Auto! This sweet-smelling 8-weeker will be done in a flash with a superb aroma that's bursting with notes of bubble gum, grape jam, ripe melon & sweet strawberry. Delish!

  • Crystal Candy X Sweet Special Auto
  • Up to 600 gr/m2 Inside - 130 cm or Less!
Dark Devil Auto thumbnail

Dark Devil Auto

Dark Devil Auto Tops the Charts at 600 gr/m2!

Next time someone tells you automatics don't yield worth crap, tell them to go to hell! Dark Devil Auto rules with up to 600 gr/m2 or 200 gr/seed in a mere 8.5 Weeks!

  • Big Devil XL X Purple Pakistani Kush Auto
  • Lush Purple Colours, Sweet Flavour, Fruity Aroma
Fast Bud thumbnail

Fast Bud

Fast Bud Auto doesn’t waste any time! As one of the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds on the market, this super strain pumps out fat, sticky buds in weeks instead of months. For strong highs and sw
Fast Bud # 2 Auto thumbnail

Fast Bud # 2 Auto

Extremely fast flowering - ready in 5 weeks!! Fast Bud produces big buds which are rich and full of aroma, the yield and flavor is an improvement over the original. The taste is sweet and succulent with the after taste of Diesel.
Green Poison Auto thumbnail

Green Poison Auto

Sweet Seeds finally named your poison! Green Poison Auto really hits the spot with high resin levels, a sweet flavour and massive yields! If you’re looking for top-notch blaze that’s easy to manage, y
Jack 47 Auto thumbnail

Jack 47 Auto

As the most powerful AutoFem in the world, Jack 47 Auto is in a class all by herself! Jack 47 Auto slays the competition with high-octane power, massive yields and a sweet, lemony flavour. Add in a 9-
Killer Kush Auto thumbnail

Killer Kush Auto

Legendary OG Kush High - 8 Weeks from Seed!

This Sweet Seeds AutoFem delivers everything you expect from OG Kush, including the killer stones, without the wait. 8 weeks from seed is all she needs!

  • 4th-Generation Autoflowering Seeds
  • Big & Potent, Completely Encased in Resin!
Mohan Ram Auto thumbnail

Mohan Ram Auto

Mohan Ram Auto will light you up with an intense, long-lasting high that’s out of this world! A fragrant, sticky mix of White Widow and Sweet Afghani Delicious, Mohan Ram is potent, fast & aromatic.
Red Poison Auto thumbnail

Red Poison Auto

Red Poison Auto Should Come With a Warning Label!

These little beauties deserve a tiny Skull & Crossbones stamped across their lovely bums. Red Poison Auto is lethally good with enough deep-purple yield to drown in. She's deadly, but what a way to go!

  • 8 Weeks from Seed - Up to 550 gr/m2 Inside
  • Green Poison X Purple Pakistani Kush Auto
SAD Auto thumbnail

SAD Auto

Finally from sweet seeds an automatic version of S.A.D! The compact buds from S.A.D Auto have a shocking resin content and have the intense and sweet musky aroma you would expect from S.A.D. Available
Speed + thumbnail

Speed +

You won’t be the only thing smokin’ when you go with Plus Speed Auto! This autoflowering hybrid is so fast, she burns up the record books. Plus Speed Auto delivers up to 500 gr/m2 of resiny blaze in j
Speed Devil thumbnail

Speed Devil

Sweet Seeds has continued to refine the original strain through a rigorous process of inbreeding, backbreeding, and selective breeding to improve upon perfection. The autoflowering trait is still ther
Speed Devil # 2 thumbnail

Speed Devil # 2

Speed Devil 2 is a super fast flowering auto that's ripe within 60 days from sowing. The end product is of very high quality and the yields are great too.
Speed Devil Auto thumbnail

Speed Devil Auto

Get 500-gram yields & intense narcotic effects in just 60 little days from seed with Speed Devil Auto! Although it sounds too good to be true, we promise no one’ll have to sell their soul to get all o
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The Most Scrumptious Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds You'll Ever Taste!

Get ready to put all that hard work behind you and discover the easiest way to fill your stash with the best tasting, fastest finishing, most mind-blowing smoke you've never imagined. All you need is a few autoflowering cannabis seeds from Sweet Seeds!

  • Automated Strains in Lush Flavours
  • No Complicated Lighting Schedules Required
  • Super-Fast Finishes Without Compromise
  • Top-Rated Quality & Budget Friendly

If you haven't been all that satisfied with your collection, a Sweet Seeds' autoflowering cannabis seed could be your secret to success! With a tasty bean like Cream Caramel Auto or Speed Devil #2, you'll never be dry again. You can enjoy these potent autoflowering strains at any time of the year and in any environment without the need for lengthy finishes or specific lighting patterns.

When you order autoflowering cannabis seeds from the Sweet Seeds collection at Rhino Seeds, you'll get more than the tastiest smoke of your life. In addition to low prices and fast, discreet delivery, we guarantee you'll actually get your beans. That's right! You'll never again have to worry about your precious marijuana seeds going missing in the post.

What are you waiting for? Order Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from Sweet Seeds and the Rhino Today!