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Burmese Kush Feminized thumbnail

Burmese Kush Feminized

Burmese Kush Feminized is the hottest seed going! This bad-ass strain has OG Kush’s edgy flavour paired with an incredibly fast 7-week finish & massive yields that go well beyond 400 gr/m2. Plus, Burm
Kushage Feminized thumbnail

Kushage Feminized

Get the best of everything Cali with Kushage Feminized! This single cannabis seed combines OG Kush’s overwhelming buzz with SAGE’s crystal-clear highs for the best blaze of your life. If you want it a
MK-Ultra Feminized thumbnail

MK-Ultra Feminized

As the offspring of two super-strains, it’s no wonder that MK-Ultra Feminized won two years in a row at the prestigious Cannabis Cup competitions. For hypnotizing highs, rock-hard nuggs and gut-bustin
MK-Ultra Wreck thumbnail

MK-Ultra Wreck


Looking to get totally wasted? How ‘bout ultra-wrecked? MK-Ultra Wreck’ll get you there! With outrageous power and killer effects, MK-Ultra Wreck is the new top dog of the cannabis pack!

S.A.G.E. Feminized thumbnail

S.A.G.E. Feminized

Never settle for anything less than the very best - put S.A.G.E. at the very top of your list! S.A.G.E. Feminized is the perfect mix of Indica and Sativa with crystal-clear head highs and decadent fla
Sage 'n Sour Feminized thumbnail

Sage 'n Sour Feminized

Sage ‘n Sour Feminized harnesses the power of two elite legends in one super-potent cannabis seed! If you can’t decide between spicy SAGE and pungent Sour Diesel, this is the bean for you. Sage ‘n Sou
Wreckage Feminized thumbnail

Wreckage Feminized

Everyone wants to get wrecked, but no one wants to sacrifice quality to get there. Wreckage Feminized answers this need with devastating power, outstanding quality and a flavour that’s out of this wor
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