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Colombian Gold thumbnail

Colombian Gold

This Cannabis variety has a tendency to grow 2 – 2.5 meters tall, flower within 60 – 75 days, yield anywhere between 350 – 600 grams/m2, have an average THC content (which is still a lot), and have a
Ketama Xaoen thumbnail

Ketama Xaoen

This Cannabis variety is 100% Indica, grows between 1 and 2 meters, flowers in 45-60 days, yields around 275 g/m2 indoors and 400 -600 outdoors, has a medium THC content, mild smell, full and robust f
Kilimanjaro thumbnail


Kilimanjaro is the result of several years of endogenous production by natives who refer to this Cannabis strain as the “elephant killer”.
Pakistan Valley thumbnail

Pakistan Valley

Coming from the mountainous region of Hindu Kush (north of Pakistan). After many years of breeding and selection comes this Indoor pure Indica strain Unmistakable by its robust and branched external l
South African Kwazulu thumbnail

South African Kwazulu

Kwazulu is a 100% sativa wild Cannabis cultivar coming from north of Drakenbergs range in South Africa. It has a short harvesting time filled with a sweet flavor and energic ‘effects’.
Wild Thailand thumbnail

Wild Thailand

Coming from the islands of Ko Chang (Thailand), this is one of the varieties with the highest THC contents in the world. It is loved by Thailand croppers who take it to Bangkok for sale. It is one of
World of Seeds Afghan Kush thumbnail

World of Seeds Afghan Kush

Satisfy your sense of adventure with this near-pure Indica! World of Seeds Afghan Kush is an intense mix of landrace Kushes that grows wild in the Armu Darya Valley of Afghanistan. To experience the t
World of Seeds Indica Collection thumbnail

World of Seeds Indica Collection

If you’re looking for a deal, you’ve just found it! The World of Seeds Indica Collection includes 20 of the world’s most amazing pure strains. Discover the rich power of Afghan Kush, Pakistan Valley,
World of Seeds Sativa Collection thumbnail

World of Seeds Sativa Collection

What a value! The World of Seeds Sativa Collection includes 20 top-rated weed seeds for one low price including Columbian Gold, South African Kwazulu & Kilimanjaro. If you’re looking for mind-blowing
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