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710 Auto Cheese thumbnail

710 Auto Cheese

Authentic Cheese Taste - 8 Weeks from Seed!

In just 8 weeks total, 710 Auto Cheese delivers a medium-high yield made up of big, aromatic buds that are totally encased in a thick layer of frost. These trichomes emit a heavy smell that's just as dank & thick as her photoperiod sisters. Buy your seeds now!

  • Up to 15% THC
  • Indica Dominant But Balanced
710 Cheese thumbnail

710 Cheese

Highly Aromatic - Not for Stealth!

This long-lasting high will literally take your breath away if you aren't careful. The right care will reward you with delicious dank blooms after an 8 week flowering period!

  • Robust & Frosty - Dank!
  • UK Skunk X Afghani
710 Purps Feminized Seeds thumbnail

710 Purps Feminized Seeds

Sweet Indica with Lovely Colours - Max Bag Appeal!

Have a look at this pure Indica from 710 Genetics. These expert breeders have created a very special lady combining Kush and Afghani together for a rocking resin party. Enjoy her sweet taste and intoxicating Indica effects.

  • 100% Indica
  • Medical Grade
AK107 Auto thumbnail

AK107 Auto

Scintillating Skunky Sativa Auto

This spangly Sativa Auto will make your day with a soaring cerebral high and a super quick finishing time. THC measures in at 17% and the taste is a superb mix of savory earth & pungent Skunk. Order your 100% feminized seeds today!

  • 120 cm Tall - Satisfyingly Potent
  • 9 to 10 Week Finish from Seed
Berry OG Kush thumbnail

Berry OG Kush

Intoxicating Hybrid of Kush & Berry Gives Bodacious Blooms - 20% THC!

You’ll love this top shelf hybrid. 710 Genetics will have you buzzing with this unique combination of flavour and potency. She will leave you shaking on the floor if you take things too far. Beware of her charms, they are not for the beginner!

  • 8-9 Weeks Flowering
  • High resin production
Dreamcatcher thumbnail


Indica-Dominant Daytime Strain - 15% THC!

This gorgeous girl from 710 Genetics will end your stress without putting you to sleep. Her sublime yet seductive effects will ensure you are soothed yet stimulated by her bountiful buds. Sour and lemony flavours ooze from this weed seed's blooms, turning anybody who meets her into a besotted fan for life!

  • 15% THC On Average
  • Medium Yields - Top Quality
Old White Widow thumbnail

Old White Widow

Old School Weed Seeds - 16% THC, Top Quality!

Take a look at this classic hard-hitting Indica. Reworked using elite clones, she will massage your problems away and send you into a state of complete relaxation.

  • Reliable Genetics, Thick Resin
  • Tasty Sweet and Sour Flavours
Auto Purps thumbnail

Purps Auto

Bright Colours, Fast Finishes, Sweet Flavours!

Check out this super tasty Purps autoflower from 710 Genetics. They have created an autoflowering classic in this Indica leaning purple hybrid with extract-friendly resin levels!

  • Autoflowering Hybrid
  • Sweet Tasty Flavours
Tropical Berry thumbnail

Tropical Berry

Spice & Berry Flavour - 20% THC!

A wonderfully melded together combination of classic Kush and clones makes this 710 Genetics cross an exceptional lady indeed. She'll help you through the day with her hard hitting but motivational effects: Don't let this one go.

  • Clear Headed Indica
  • OG Kush Heritage
White Candy thumbnail

White Candy

White Candy: Exotic Himalayan Hybrid

Looking for a special Sativa hybrid with balanced, cerebral effects? Check out White Candy, a tasty and tenacious cross with one foot in the Himalaya.

  • Good for Beginners
  • Huge 20% THC
White Candy Auto thumbnail

White Candy Auto

Sensational Citrus Autoflower - 8 Weeks!

710's White Candy Auto is a total powerhouse wrapped up in a fast-paced, fully autoflowering seed. The flavour, the smell & the THC are, in a word, intense!

  • Afghani, Hawaiian & Nepalese Genetics
  • Beginner Friendly, Mould Resistant
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