White Candy Auto
White Candy Auto is a beginner friendly strain from 710 Genetics. With parents originating in the Nepalese Himalaya, she's sure to please you. Don't miss out on her lemony goodness and balanced, active, high. Buy a full pack of these autoflowering seeds today!
  • 100% Automatic Seeds
  • Active, Upbeat Effect
  • Himalayan Genetics
  • 8 Weeks Seed to Flower
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

White Candy Auto - Super Fast Nepalese Auto

Let White Candy Auto neutrialise your pains with her potent plums of THC crystals. Immerse yourself in her glorious and gratifying aromas whilst waving goodbye to your stresses and strains.

  • Mould Resistant for Damp UK Summers
  • Great for Inside or Out
  • Fast & Forgiving - Beginner Friendly
  • Sweet, Fruity Smell & Taste

In as few as 8 weeks, White Candy Auto will transform herself from a small seed to a large bush jostling with bountiful buds for an explosion of eastern delights. Once you've tried her fruits, you'll want no others.

Want to mix it up a little? Order photoperiod 710 Genetics White Candy Seeds, too! They're even more intense then this fully automatic version, but they're also a little slower. Together, these marijuana seeds have it all!

Buy White Candy Seeds Online Now!

You can order these White Candy cannabis seeds today, and the Rhino will get them sent to you asap. But, it's still illegal to germinate these in the UK.

Flowering Time
Sativa / Indica Mix
Flowering Time Notes
8 to 12 Weeks from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Afghani X Nepalese X Hawaiian X Ruderalis
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  • 100% Automatic Seeds
  • Active, Upbeat Effect
  • Himalayan Genetics
  • 8 Weeks Seed to Flower

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710 Genetics brings the oiliest strains we've ever seen to the UK, with great pride, care and love. This crew really digs what they do & spares no effort in selecting their breeding stock, crafting their strains and testing them to the fullest. A boutique breeder, all weed seeds are produced in small batches, carefully inspected by hand, then gently placed in their protective packaging before they're sent out to their new owners. Order your 710 Genetics Seeds today!