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Afghan Skunk thumbnail

Afghan Skunk

Beginner-friendly Afghan Skunk is practically foolproof! This easy, pest-resistant feminized seed stands up to almost anything while still delivering 400 grams of dense rocky nuggs with only an 8-week
Auto Kaya 47 thumbnail

Auto Kaya 47

AutoKaya 47 Feminized offers quality & quantity! This mix infuses the original Kaya 47 with just enough Ruderalis to turn it into an autoflowering seed without watering down the Sativa-dominant power!
Auto Skunk Mass Feminized thumbnail

Auto Skunk Mass Feminized

Old is new again with Auto Skunk Mass Feminized! This mix of Skunk, Critical Mass and Ruderalis is a fruity, high-yielding hybrid with an autoflowering twist!
Automatic Mix thumbnail

Automatic Mix

If your green thumb is itching at the very thought of an autoflowering strain, check out Automatik Mix Feminized! This option lets you try several autoflowering strains for one low price.
BioDiesel Mass Auto Feminized thumbnail

BioDiesel Mass Auto Feminized

For tons of Diesel-flavoured weed, get BioDiesel Mass Auto Feminized! This combination of AutoDiesel and AutoCritical is one of the highest yielding autoflowering strains we’ve every seen!
Black Diesel Seeds thumbnail

Black Diesel Seeds

Buying Black Diesel Seeds let’s you in on a closely guarded secret... The secret is that this 70% Sativa – 30% Indica is an unknown crossed with NYC Diesel: one of the most awarded plants in Canna
Critical Seeds thumbnail

Critical Seeds

Critical from Advanced Seeds is a large and branched out plant with massive flower production. Its genetics are a cross between Critical Mass, Brazillian, and South Indian selections. Fortunately, t
Early Widow thumbnail

Early Widow

Early Widow from Advanced Seeds is their version of the predominantly Sativa White Widow. Being strongly Indica, it is very resinous and aromatic. The amount of resin produced by this Cannabis varie
Haze Mist thumbnail

Haze Mist

Haze mist is a fusion of a Haze classic with a special White Widow hand picked from many. From Advanced Seeds, this Sativa dominant Cannabis strain expresses a shorter than usual flowering cycle with
Ice Kush thumbnail

Ice Kush

Ice Kush from Advanced Seeds is a voluptuous cross between a strong Kush strain and a specially selected African Sativa. Like the strong Indicas, this Cannabis variety produces typical Indica buds bu
Jack Plant thumbnail

Jack Plant

Being related to Jack Herer, it is not hard to believe this Cannabis plant is dank. This variety is said to be extremely productive with a satisfying amount of trichome production. In addition, it i
Kaya 47 thumbnail

Kaya 47

Kaya 47 is in the same family as the LEGENDARY AK-47. It has been selected for its rapid flowering cycle, larger than usual yield, and extreme resin production! With a stellar bud to leaf ration, po
Low Girl Autoflowering thumbnail

Low Girl Autoflowering

Low Girl from Advanced Seeds is a mainly Indica autoflowering strain that is harvested 60 days after sowing regardless of the month of the year. It is ideal for self-cultivation in small areas such a
Sweet Dwarf Automatic thumbnail

Sweet Dwarf Automatic

Like most autoflowering strains, Sweet Dwarf from Advanced Seeds is ready to harvest after 60 days! This Cannabis variety is strong smelling and very candy like. Needless to say it is quite appealin
Top 69 Autoflowering thumbnail

Top 69 Autoflowering

Top 69 from Advanced Seeds is a greatly productive autoflowering Cannabis strain. It is aptly named ‘69’ because it tends to sprout and finish in just about that time! This strain’s genetics are gre
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All Natural, Fully Tested, Super Powered, Absolutely Fabulous Feminized Seeds

In other words, the Advanced Seeds Feminized Collection is sheer perfection. This breeder stops at nothing to ensure the highest level of quality, stability and power whether they're offering traditional feminized seeds or a breathtaking AutoFem.

Advanced Seeds coddles every cannabis seed from the very beginning of the breeding process all the way to the final packaging. To ensure absolute genetic purity, they isolate each strain in its own sterile grow room and never treat their developing seeds with anything but the finest all-natural, organic fertilizers and insecticides. No toxic chemicals ever touch these babies!

Although Advanced Seeds won't give up their trade-marked feminization secrets, but they will say that their process is completely safe and doesn't use any genetic manipulation. With these feminized seeds, your safety is at the top of the priority list, and you gotta love that!

Now, for the good stuff! If you're shopping the Advanced Female Feminized Line, you'll find true legends like Top 69 Autoflowering, a rapid automatic that gets the job done in just 69 days from seed, and Black Diesel Seeds, an improved NYC Diesel that's even greasier and more pungent that it's famous mum! Drooling yet?

If you're in the market for a Rhino-approved feminized seed, you won't be disappointed by anything from the Advanced Seeds Feminized lineup, but we can make life just a little sweeter. Rhino Seeds guarantees every single feminized seed will make it to her destination, and no one will be the wiser. We're proud to offer our customers 100% discreet packaging and an unconditional delivery guarantee with each & every order.

Order Your New Advanced Seeds Feminized Seeds from The Rhino Today with Complete Confidence!