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Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized thumbnail

Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized

A rare African Sativa, Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized is highly psychoactive, exceptionally pure & extremely clear. Ace Seeds Malawi Feminized lasts for hours and warms the body with a pleasant tingle!
Auto Skunk Mass Feminized thumbnail

Auto Skunk Mass Feminized

Old is new again with Auto Skunk Mass Feminized! This mix of Skunk, Critical Mass and Ruderalis is a fruity, high-yielding hybrid with an autoflowering twist!
Blue Fin thumbnail

Blue Fin

Blue Fin is a rock-hard mix of Old Time Moonshine and the infamous Cindy 99 that combines hashy Blueberry with uplifting Haze. As an Indica-dominant strain, Blue Fin hits the body like a ton of bricks
Blue Iguana thumbnail

Blue Iguana

Backed by championship genetics, Blue Iguana is a way cool reptile! Blue Iguana is a premium mix of Double Dutch Lady and Old Time Moonshine with a full dose of thick colas coating its branchy structu
Bubba Kush thumbnail

Bubba Kush

Love those phat, pine-cone shaped nuggs from back in the day? Old Time Bubba Kush pumps ‘em out like nobody’s business! Kick it old-school style with Old Time Bubba Kush’s fruity flavours and laid-bac
Cannabiogen Sandstorm thumbnail

Cannabiogen Sandstorm

Sandstorm from CannaBiogen Seeds is another variety that is great for making hash with. The mother is an Indica from the Chitral Kush region and the father is an exceptional male clone from Arabene,
Cannabiogen Seeds Caribe thumbnail

Cannabiogen Seeds Caribe

Just like Spiderman, time slows to a halt as your senses sharpen when Caribe is on-board. A unique Sativa with high yields and mystical powers, Caribe is always in demand!
Cannabiogen Seeds Destroyer thumbnail

Cannabiogen Seeds Destroyer

This is a STATE OF THE ART Cannabis Sativa strain with an exotic dominance of Thai. The small, but numerous flowers are so covered in trichomes that with 2 square mm, there have been 92 bulbous stalk
Cannabiogen Sugar Loaf thumbnail

Cannabiogen Sugar Loaf

Frosted with sweet, powdery resin, Sugar Loaf is intensely psychoactive with a nearly overwhelming high. If you’re looking for extreme cannabis seeds that’ll take you to new places, Sugar Loaf is just
Cinderella 99 BX-1 thumbnail

Cinderella 99 BX-1

Mosca Seeds worked overtime to get Cinderella 99 BX-1 just right. After a three-generation dance of backcrossing and inbreeding, the final product is stunning. For Hazy, psychedelic weed with devastat
Critical Jack Feminized thumbnail

Critical Jack Feminized

Critical + fans, check this out! Critical Jack Feminized pumps out even more of this tasty blaze with 1450-gram yields in just 60 days. With a strong but balanced effect, Critical Jack Feminized is fr
Destroyer Female thumbnail

Destroyer Female

This is a STATE OF THE ART Cannabis Sativa strain with an exotic dominance of Thai. The small, but numerous flowers are so covered in trichomes that with 2 square mm, there have been 92 bulbous stalk
Golden Tiger thumbnail

Golden Tiger

Golden Tiger is a stately beast filled with ancient Sativa power! A mix of two exotic landrace strains, Golden Tiger offers enhanced vigour, raging potency, savage yields & mind-blowing psychedelic ef
Leshaze thumbnail


It is reported to be a complex hybrid of a special mother hand picked from Lesotho that was grown in the mountains at 2000 meters and a vigorous father who was a Dutch Skunk/Haze.
Leshaze Female thumbnail

Leshaze Female

Rare and exotic, Leshaze Feminized draws her power from the mystical mountains deep within the remote African Kingdom of Lesotho. To round out this Sativa, Leshaze Feminized’s other side is an intense
Low Girl Autoflowering thumbnail

Low Girl Autoflowering

Low Girl from Advanced Seeds is a mainly Indica autoflowering strain that is harvested 60 days after sowing regardless of the month of the year. It is ideal for self-cultivation in small areas such a
Mach Fly thumbnail

Mach Fly

Mach Fly might be slow out the gate, but she always makes up for it by getting the job done in record time! A Skunky mix with rock-hard trichomes & a cerebral effect, Mach Fly is vigourous, fast and p
Moby Dick #2 Feminized thumbnail

Moby Dick #2 Feminized

Even better than the original, Moby Dick #2 Feminized blows the rest away with 1500-gram yields and 20% THC ratings! Moby Dick #2 is definitely too much for lightweights – only tempt your fate with th
Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum thumbnail

Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum

Aromatic and tasty, Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum smells just like sweet, Blueberry Bubble Gum! Packing a wicked punch of power, Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum squeezes out bin after bin of dense, hard tri
Old Time Moonshine thumbnail

Old Time Moonshine

Old Time Moonshine is a potent Indica with a fast finish & a fruity flavour! Check this out – Old Time Moonshine is so tasty that Mosca Seeds has used this Indica-dominant strain to create an entirely
Showing 1-20 of 28

100% Organic Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Deliver the Best Results!

Advanced Seeds is famous for creating one of the most stunning lines of 5-star feminized seeds on the planet, and their AutoFems are just as amazing! As we all know, this Spanish breeder spares no expense when it comes to creating high-performance marijuana seeds.

  • Advanced Seeds Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are 100% All Natural
  • Each Strain is Bred in Isolated, Self-Contained Grow Rooms to Ensure Purity
  • Absolutely No Toxic Pesticides or Harsh Chemicals Are Used at Any Stage
  • All Cannabis Seeds are Feminized Using Natural Methods - No Genetic Manipulation

Within this exclusive collection, you'll find fully automated versions of your favourite Advanced Seeds' strains like Auto Kaya 47 Feminized as well as brand-new hybrids like Sweet Dwarf Autoflowering. If you can't make up your mind, you can't go wrong with Advanced Seeds' Automatic Mix! For one low price, you'll get a well-rounded view of exactly what Advanced Seeds has to offer in a high-performance autoflowering cannabis seed!

Every single Advanced Seeds bean is propagated in an all-natural, 100% organic environment without any form of genetic manipulation or toxic chemicals for your safety. Do your part to make the world a better place and buy eco-friendly autoflowering cannabis seeds from Advanced Seeds & The Rhino!

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