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Bubblegum Kush thumbnail

Bubblegum Kush

Bubblegum Kush is a Indica dominant strain with a pair of popular potent parent strains, Bubblegum and Kush! The highly desired flavors and essences of both of these strains come together in this unb
Bulldog Seeds Bullshark Feminized thumbnail

Bulldog Seeds Bullshark Feminized

If you enjoyed the strength and pure quality of the Great White Shark and/or the original old school Skunk #5, then you will definitely enjoy Bullshark. Bullshark has a smooth and flavorful smoke tha
Bulldog Seeds Chronic thumbnail

Bulldog Seeds Chronic

Sweet and sticky, The Chronic Feminized by Bulldog Seeds is top notch! The Chronic is a powerful medicinal strain with a strong physical stone that relaxes the body and soothes the mind. Get 700-gram
Bulldog Seeds Jack Herer Feminised thumbnail

Bulldog Seeds Jack Herer Feminised

This particular variety of Jack Herer, courtesy of Bulldog Seeds, has been recognized for its strength and its densely trichome coated flowers that induce a very intense cerebral high.
Bulldog Seeds Northern Light thumbnail

Bulldog Seeds Northern Light

Cannabis consumers agree that Northern Lights is always a great choice and never fails to satisfy. By surpassing expectations time and time again, Northern Lights is said to be one of the best smokes
Bulldog Seeds Sour Diesel thumbnail

Bulldog Seeds Sour Diesel

If you are at all familiar with the unmistakable pungent aroma of the classic NYC Diesel or the infamous potency and aroma of the S.A.G.E. Sour Diesel, than you will absolutely love Bulldog’s Sour Die
Bulldog White Widow thumbnail

Bulldog White Widow

Bulldog White Widow does more than tease! This wicked cannabis seed always delivers pure and total THC satisfaction! More potent than ever with deep, physical stones, Bulldog White Widow is tasty, gen
Citral Skunk thumbnail

Citral Skunk

From Bulldog Seeds, Critical Skunk is a 50/50 hybrid strain with a mellow but distinguishable herbal taste. Critical Skunk bulks up a nice yield that is particularly dense and is appropriate for indo
Energy Haze thumbnail

Energy Haze

By extrapolating and combining the energetically strong buzz from itsNorthern Lights and Kali Mist parent strains, Energy Haze is a great stimulant and is also a large yielder of dense flower clusters
O.Z. Kush thumbnail

O.Z. Kush

Though it has a slightly longer lifespan than other strains from Bulldog, the extra time these plants take to finish allows them to produce extremely attractive flowers with seductive aromas and stron
Silver Star Haze thumbnail

Silver Star Haze

From Bulldog Seeds, Silver Star Haze offers the complete Sativa package that one would expect from any popular Haze strain. In short, Silver Star Haze has a very strongly sensational smell and flavor
The Bulldog Haze thumbnail

The Bulldog Haze

Super Silver Haze, long known for its strength and Haze flavor, was crossed with the award winning Lemon Skunk produced an absolutely knock out hybrid that is both pungent and flavorful.
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High-Powered Cannabis Seeds Crafted By an Authentic Dutch Institution

With roots that go all the way back to one of the very first Amsterdam coffeeshops, Bulldog Seeds is the biggest name in the biz! It's true that this crew didn't actually open their seed shop until 2005, but in The Rhino's book, serving up the very best Dutch smoke for nearly 40 years counts for a lot!

With all their experience, Bulldog Seeds has put together a truly formidable selection of the best feminized cannabis seeds money can buy. They spent 5 years researching, breeding, testing and investing in the finest cannabis seeds on the planet and they're available here and now just for you.

Bulldog Seeds are second to none, but The Rhino won't charge you a premium for this big-name brand. Instead, you'll get the same amazing bargains on these stupendous cannabis seeds that we offer on all our other beans - and we'll even back that up with The Rhino's trademarked best-price promise. It's an unbeatable deal!

Buy Premium Dutch Weed Seeds Today from the Bulldog & The Rhino!