Bulldog White Widow
Bulldog White Widow does more than tease! This wicked cannabis seed always delivers pure and total THC satisfaction! More potent than ever with deep, physical stones, Bulldog White Widow is tasty, generous and just as savage as ever!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Bulldog Seeds takes classic White Widow into the future! This new feminized version sticks with the original Brazilian/South American genetics for that unique flavour and aroma you expect while boosting the power levels to unheard of heights. This is definitely a keeper!

    These cannabis seeds pump out the crystals like you wouldn’t believe! Bulldog White Widow Feminized kicks it up with 600 gr/m2 of rock-hard, crystallized nuggs in just 8 to 9 weeks.

    • Brazilian X South Indian – Sweet!
    • 60% Indica – Savage!
    • 500 to 600 gr/m2 – Killer!
    • Rocky & Medicinal – Wicked!

    With a 60% Indica to 40% Sativa mix, Bulldog White Widow Seeds are mostly physical with very manageable mental properties. A highly medicinal strain, White Widow Marijuana Seeds relax the body, ease the mind and soothe the soul!

    A must-have for any serious cannabis connoisseur, Bulldog White Widow is the next chapter of this epic legend! While you can rely on Rhino Seeds to have 100% authentic White Widow Cannabis Seeds, these beans are considered dormant collectibles. They’re not meant for cultivation, germination or any other illegal purpose.

    just what you'd expect from white widow - very true to the legend
    widow maker - 10 September 2012 02:32:56
    Fast, excellent service. They're pretty little things and they all seem happy
    Book - 22 May 2013 11:30:16

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    If you have what it takes to keep up with the Big Dawg, check out Bulldog Seeds! This seed bank got its start in 1975 when Henk de Vries opened the very first coffee shop in Amsterdam and named it after his favourite 4-legged companion. The actual seed bank didn’t open until somewhere around 2005, but Henk had all the right contacts to quickly put together 10 of the best feminized cannabis seeds the world has ever seen. In true Bulldog spirit, the Rhino recommends Bulldog Haze and Bullshark, two intense, mindblowing strains created by a remarkable cannabis legend!