CBD Skunk Haze Feminized

Skunk Haze Feminized is a long, lean lady adorned with bushels of fluffy nuggs! In addition to its strong medicinal quality, Skunk Haze Feminized has a fresh flavour and brisk aroma with hints of mint, pine and citrus. She's extremely tasty & powerful MMJ
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Even 5:5 THC to CBD Ratio
  • Balanced Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Formulated from an HTCC Champ
  • Free shipping and seeds
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    Skunk Haze Feminized is One of the Most Sought-After MMJ Strains in the World!

    To create a new version of Skunk Haze Feminized, CBD Crew infused this strain with a healthy dose of CBD. Now, you can enjoy your favourite flavour mix in a potent medicinal seed.

    Skunk Haze Feminized Seeds are large, Indica/Sativa hybrids with 5% THC and 5% CBD. The even ratio enhances the medicinal properties while leaving the complex flavour and aroma intact. Skunk Haze has notes of cedar, pine, mint and citrus!

    • CBD-infused Skunk Haze Feminized
    • 450 gr/m2 in 10 Weeks
    • 5% THC & 5% CBD – Medicinal!
    • Very Rare & Highly Sought After

    Cannabis Seeds with high CBD readings relative to their THC levels, like Skunk Haze Feminized, are growing in popularity as the world discovers the benefits of using this natural substance as a treatment option. Research is showing that high CBD tempers memory loss and anxiety while increasing the physically soothing properties of cannabis.

    Rhino Seeds only sells Skunk Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds of the highest quality, but our beans do not look like this description. Because it’s illegal to cultivate or germinate weed seeds in the UK and most other parts of the world, our products are sold exclusively as dormant collectibles.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? Low : < 8%
    Flowering Time ? 8-12 weeks
    THC notes 5% THC
    CBD Very High 5% CBD
    Medical ? Yes
    Yield ? Good
    Indoor Yield 450 gr/m2
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    In 2011, Resin Seeds and Mr. Nice came together to create a different kind of cannabis seed, one with extremely high levels of CBD compared to THC. This magic combination results in a better therapeutic effect for the medical marijuana patient by tempering the more psychoactive highs and emphasizing the physical aspects of cannabis. If you're into MMJ, you should definitely give CBD Crew a try. It could change your life!