Super Iced Grapefruit
This feminized seed looks like her sister Iced Grapefruit on steroids! Super Iced Grapefruit flowers in only 8 weeks making this kind of power & quality accessible for the likes of ALL, not just connoisseur enthusiasts! Order Super Iced Grapefruit today!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Upgraded for 2012!
  • 22% THC – Intense & Potent
  • 650 gr/m2 Dried!
  • Buy Super Iced Grapefruit!
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

New for 2012, Super Iced Grapefruit Gets an Upgrade with a Powerful Injection of Skunk #1!

Perfection just got even better! This new & improved Super Iced Grapefruit still has everything you loved about the original plus an extra hit of Skunk #1 to make these upgraded feminized seeds the Skunkiest sh*t on the planet – We kid you not!

Leave it to Feminised Seeds to take one of the best ever cannabis strains, reinvent it and produce something that’s twice as good. It’s a very tall order, but that’s exactly what this elite breeder set out to do. Just look at what they’ve come up with!

  • Super Iced Grapefruit is a Record-Breaker!
  • Upgraded with an Extra Shot of Skunk #1
  • 22% THC – More than Many Can Handle!
  • 650 gr/m2 Dried – Perfect for Greedy Stoners

Super Iced Grapefruit – it’s Feminised Seeds’ signature strain, it was THE big name for 2011, and it’s destined to be the biggest hit for 2012! We’ve sold out of this potent mix month after month, and this new powerhouse is expected to do the same. Don’t wait! Order this one while you can!

Boasting branch breaking yields, she looks like her sister Iced grapefruit on steroids - 650gm2 is the recorded dry weight from the Feminised Seeds Company. THC levels are off the scales, & official recordings of 22% put this in its own league. Flowering time is only 8 weeks, making this accessible for the likes of ALL, not just connoisseur enthusiasts!

Recommended Indoor
Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Flowering Outdoors
Late October
Sativa/Indica Notes
Mainly Indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Sativa / Indica Mix
THC Notes
Flowering Time Notes
8-9 weeks
Cannabis Genetics
diesel x chronic x skunk #1
Indoor Yield

If you’re looking for a top-rated strain that just keeps on giving, buy Super Iced Grapefruit Cannabis Seeds today! With dedicated fans that practically camp out at Rhino Seeds waiting for the “buy” button to activate, these incredibly good feminized seeds sell out on a regular basis. Order yours while you can!

Demand says we could charge much more for these stunning cannabis seeds, but The Rhino says no! Like every 5-star weed seed on the Rhino Seeds site, this bean is priced to please the stingiest collector. Buy Super Iced Grapefruit Cannabis Seeds today & get an amazing deal!

This is great
w00dy - 11 July 2012 17:25:09
Wowwww wot about super iced the breeded pack.ill recommend them to everyone.100% gold star :-))
nicky s - 11 July 2012 17:27:40
It dose EXACTLY whats on the packet Why buy anthing else!
kingkong - 11 July 2012 17:40:18
Super Seeds.... Have fun brothers and sisters! x
Super buddy!! - 11 July 2012 17:45:38
<i>Super Iced Grapefruit</i>, What can I say so far so good, rhino seeds delivers pretty quick too.
Bloomin Massive - 11 July 2012 17:47:03
A pleasant ride.
Diameed - 11 July 2012 17:54:57
great seed got 10 out of 10 very good quality shall be buying more soon :-)
uk pussy - 11 July 2012 17:57:55
Like bein on a beach.. dreamyy..
sticky finger - 11 July 2012 18:22:33
excellent seeds for an excellent strain.
brewer40 - 11 July 2012 18:23:05
Top to bottom good. hardy compared to other strains.
samaritan - 11 July 2012 18:39:51
one of the best,
featheredserpent - 11 July 2012 19:24:15
Top class!!!
Boris - 11 July 2012 19:43:04
well happy
Trisocean - 11 July 2012 20:34:15
Great - well happy &#128515;
Trisocean - 11 July 2012 20:35:08
I just love Super Iced Grapefruit. High quality and prob the best i have in my collection Would recommend to anyone
GlasgowGreen - 11 July 2012 20:37:22
Nothing in the world is better than iced grapefruit ...
Bonzo - 12 July 2012 10:18:23
They are wonderful seeds that I have in my collection all my seeds are bought from rhino thx
Willie rob - 12 July 2012 12:13:03
Really good seed
Chronic_user - 12 July 2012 13:35:30
best souvenirs seeds I have ever had no crappy ones would recommend to anyone very fast delivery to A*
skunktoooor - 12 July 2012 14:53:38
Superbly Fresh seeds, an asset to any seed collection
Wizzywig - 13 July 2012 22:10:53
Always happy when i use rhino. Super strain, super iced, super grape fruit & super genetics. If there was cannabis on kripton (supermans planet, duh) there would be super iced grapefruit. Already ordered more, can't wait.
Ad - 14 July 2012 00:35:14
from browsing on the internet to receiving my seeds, every step was a pleasure. Thanks to all the information I knew I was going to get something special. For the quality your getting the seeds are a great price, they also look healthy and come well protected. Definitely one for the seed collector.
spanky - 18 July 2012 14:13:08
Great is below par for a description of this zippy buzzy little demon AMAZING and I'm 56!!!!
Phuqit - 24 July 2012 16:37:25
GHOSTY - 26 July 2012 18:11:53
ghosty - 06 August 2012 01:26:06
Gr8 strain , for a change it's just as the breeder states , in a totally different league from normal grapefruit a sweet seed for the collector who wants more than original offered . Amazing lads @ feminised seed company, solid gold *****
Green man - 20 August 2012 19:16:13
..In a mini competition it beat the competitors hands down...
hasan i sabah - 18 September 2012 23:42:30
These guys dont mess about! Speedy service that is second to none, even for 1 bean.. Won't be using any other bank, period. Bean looks A1 also,happy days.
randy mc pothead - 25 September 2012 11:57:04
It does what it said on the pack
ossie - 23 October 2012 21:51:08
Well impressed with the rhino service and speedy shipping this super iced grapefruit is the bomb and a must buy for all you hardcore collectors you will not be disappointed I promise you that ;{) oh yeah baby
Skunk face - 26 October 2012 09:36:19
What can say - Super Iced grapefruit is the best and number one for me in every way. Highly recommended...
Splifzers - 18 December 2012 11:26:47
Hi all loving this strain. loving rhino seeds they are just great ;)
Dexter weed lab - 15 November 2012 17:01:02
awesome speedy delivery, top marks, il be visiting again, thanks
big bang k - 19 November 2012 12:50:46
100% Proper Quality Cheers Rhino
RastaFa - 20 November 2012 13:36:36
Seeds arrived quickly in A1 condition, discreetly packaged too so no problems with nosy postmen!
Agentblue - 02 December 2012 03:57:08
Bought 1 , that was sooo good came back for 5 more,go well in anyones fruity collection.
fat man - 21 November 2012 20:24:54
does not get any better wow
hazy dayz - 23 November 2012 05:52:52
my collection is lookin really buff pleased with every item would recommend to everyone ;-)
rhona - 12 March 2013 22:00:30
extremely quick service excellent! lovely looking little seeds
jimbo - 29 March 2013 16:49:52
This looks like one of the most powerful seeds I have ever seen.
Mauserman - 29 March 2013 19:09:16
Superb and delivery was excellent
Knobby - 15 April 2013 15:26:26
really nice seeds well worth the purchase
icepick - 19 April 2013 11:21:54
spot on what more can be said
icepick - 19 April 2013 11:23:44
Excellent quality as always!!
Colsey - 27 April 2013 13:45:03
I think these are FANTASTIC seeds and would highly recommend to anyone interested in collecting different varieties of cannabis seeds buy this and see for yourself - you will NOT be disappointed.
pussy eater - 02 May 2013 09:49:34
It does what it says on the tin.well worth it.
The tattoo man - 02 May 2013 21:09:48
These babies are excellent, top quality at a really good price and rhino seeds certainly kept there side of the bargain... fast, easy, discreet.. an real pleasure to do business with. Many thanks rhino, my second order will be with you soon... :-)
2010smokeybud - 07 May 2013 20:00:09
Shes a fruity little number!
EddieSpaghetti - 09 May 2013 17:52:48

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Upgraded for 2012!
  • 22% THC – Intense & Potent
  • 650 gr/m2 Dried!
  • Buy Super Iced Grapefruit!

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