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Ceres Seeds Orange Bud Feminized thumbnail

Ceres Seeds Orange Bud Feminized

From Ceres Seeds, the easy mellowing effect and smooth, pleasant smoking of Orange Bud continues to be a Cannabis variety that is always in high demand even with the light smokers. Thankfully, this strain is easy to grow and quick flowering.
Ceres Skunk Feminized thumbnail

Ceres Skunk Feminized

Genetically identical to the very first Skunk, Ceres Skunk Feminized is potent, old-school weed! Packed with crystals, filled with power and stinking to high heaven, Ceres Skunk Feminized satisfies your deepest cravings!
Easy Rider Feminized thumbnail

Easy Rider Feminized

Normally, this Cannabis variety begins its flowering cycle once it begins developing its seventh node of leaves and is a tough little plant that doesn’t usually get taller than 120 cm. Usually only takes a couple months to finish so plan accordingly.
Feminized Mix thumbnail

Feminized Mix

The Mix offers a great selection of Ceres Seeds’ best-feminized seeds all in one pack! Note well that because this is a mix, not all seeds will finish flowering at the same time. Also be aware that these are all Cannabis Cup winners!
Hollands Hope thumbnail

Hollands Hope

Ideal for the northern hemisphere due to its mold resistance, Holland’s Hope produces a mild stoned effect that is so pleasant and not to mention the smoke is smooth and quite subtle.
Purple Feminized thumbnail

Purple Feminized

The absolutely BEAUTIFUL purple was an instant classic as soon as it hit the streets. All over the world, the original Purple is desired over most other Purple strains. Luckily, this is a quick flowering Cannabis strain.
Skunk Haze Feminized thumbnail

Skunk Haze Feminized

From Ceres Seeds, Skunk Haze has a unique sweet flavor and a very motivational high. Most likely it is what makes dreams so awesome. As a result of the Haze and Skunk cross, the crop is much heavier and the aroma much spicier.
White Widow Feminized thumbnail

White Widow Feminized

White Widow from Ceres Seeds is a superior Indica cross that has a long lasting stoned effect and is, of course, completely powder coated with trichomes that just fall off when you tap the buds…or the leaves.
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Extremely Stable, 100% Feminized Seeds from Your Homegrown Specialists!

Ceres Seeds isn't the biggest Dutch breeder, but that was never their intention. This influential seed company focuses on supplying the small-scale collector with authentic, old-school landrace strains & potent F1 hybrids. Their only nod to modernization was to feminize their amazing line of rock-solid cannabis seeds.

This Amsterdam institution has satisfied the cravings for genuine Dutch smoke since 1988, but Ceres Seeds' founder has been dabbling in the cannabis culture for much longer than that. If the legends are true, he started growing weed seeds from the Sinsemilla Fan Club outback with his granny as a youngster. You gotta love that!

Here's something else you gotta love - The Rhino works his horn to a nub bringing you the lowest prices on all of Ceres Seeds' cannabis seeds whether you pick a high-powered regular strain or an incredibly good feminized seed. They're all keepers!

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