Ceres Skunk Feminized
Genetically identical to the very first Skunk, Ceres Skunk Feminized is potent, old-school weed! Packed with crystals, filled with power and stinking to high heaven, Ceres Skunk Feminized satisfies your deepest cravings!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Ceres Skunk Feminized is the real Skunk that all the rest have tried to copy – it has a penetrating, pungent aroma that smells just like a mad skunk. Never watered down, your nose knows!

    As the very first Indica/Sativa blend, Ceres Skunk Feminized revolutionized the cannabis industry. The flavour is a mix of musky and sweet, the nuggs are carpeted in frosty gems, and the power is a real knock-out!

    • The Original Skunk – Super Stinky
    • Suitable for Beginners – Extra Easy
    • Done in as Little as 45 Days – Warp Speed
    • Musky & Sweet – So Scrummy

    Best of all, Ceres Skunk Feminized Seeds are perfect for the beginner or the seasoned veteran. Even if it’s your first time, you’ll get huge yields of potent, smelly goodness in just 45 to 55 days! What could be better?

    Your new Ceres Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds are capable of producing top-shelf blaze, but that, unfortunately, ain’t gonna happen. Rhino ships dormant seeds that look nothing like this description. You can collect and dream, but cultivation and germination could get you in some deep legal trouble in the UK.

    5 seeds
    10 seeds
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    Ceres Seeds gives a whole new meaning to “homegrown” weed! This seed company was officially founded in 1988, but their love affair with potent herb goes back much further than that. If the legend is true, one of the original owners started growing Sinsemilla Fan Club strains with his grandma back in the day! Today, Ceres Seeds is proud to offer exceptionally stable & powerful landrace strains & F1 hybrids to small-scale collectors around the world who love weed as much as they do! Why not order your next set of 5-star cannabis seeds from a kindred spirit?