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Orange Grapefruit

Orange Grapefruit can be summed in up in one tiny word: Yum! This is one of the most delicious cannabis seeds we’ve ever tried! Orange Grapefruit has the most intense fruit flavours, but this juicy powerhouse is never overpowering in any way!
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Orange Mango

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Red Grapefruit

With an intense pop of flavour and sugar-coated trichomes, Red Grapefruit is citrus perfection! Expect extra-high yields paired with over-the-top THC in as little as seven weeks when you move up to Red Grapefruit!
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Ready to Get Your Fruit On? Try Authentic Cropi Canna Seeds!

Cropi Canna is a small-scale breeder with only a handful of strains, but each and every one of their cannabis seeds is a connoisseur's wet dream. You simply can't beat these luxurious beans when it comes to power, vigour, yield or citrusy flavour.

Orange Mango is The Rhino's favourite, but you can't beat Orange Grapefruit with a cricket bat. This hybrid is so good it's like a ray of sunshine compressed into a lovely little cannabis seed. Enjoy this refreshing wake-and-bake special from Cropi Canna Seeds right along with your morning glass of OJ!

Order once & Rhino Seeds will be your new favourite place to shop for 5-star cannabis seeds from that point on. In addition to absolutely smashing Cropi Canna Seeds, we feature hundreds of other seed brands in regular, feminized and automatic formats. We're proud to be your one-stop-shop for high-powered weed seeds!

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