Red Grapefruit

With an intense pop of flavour and sugar-coated trichomes, Red Grapefruit is citrus perfection! Expect extra-high yields paired with over-the-top THC in as little as seven weeks when you move up to Red Grapefruit!
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In keeping with the Cropi Canna tradition, Red Grapefruit is a study in citrus perfection. Bursting with intense flavour and overflowing with THC, this fast-finishing cannabis seed is a connoisseur’s delight. Red Grapefruit Seeds harken back to the original Grapefruit of the 1980s, but this Sativa takes it to a whole new level. With sugar-coated trichomes that make your mouth water in anticipation, Red Grapefruit is visibly potent. The breeders at Cropi Canna delivered a warning to our warehouse along with this batch of seeds. Be warned! If you’re not careful, Red Grapefruit Seeds will take you a notch higher than anyone should ever go. Enjoy in moderation! Get Your Red Grapefruit Cannabis Seeds from Rhino Seeds Today!
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Indoor ? Yes
THC notes Medium strength
If flavour is your top priority, you'll love Cropi Canna Seeds. This breeder won't shortchange you on power, yield, reliability or effect, but their true beauty lies in the intense fruitiness of their 5-star cannabis seeds. Whether you go with Orange Mango or Red Grapefruit, you'll never forget the first time this silken smoke flows across your palate. For the ultimate decadence, order genuine Cropi Canna Seeds today!