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Bruce Banner BX 2.0 thumbnail

Bruce Banner BX 2.0

This Bruce Banner Isn't A Couchlocker - She's Totally Mental!

Bruce Banner #3 gets an extra helping of Strawberry Diesel to turn this former couchlocker into a heady Sativa with plenty of lift. Resin is thick & plentiful for all you concentrate fans out there!

  • Strawberry Diesel #3 X Bruce Banner #3
  • 10-Week Sativa with High Potency Levels
Chem Berry D thumbnail

Chem Berry D

Dark Horse's Strongest Sativa - 32% THC!

If Chem Berry D was any stronger, it wouldn't just melt your face, it would blow a hole right through your skull! It smells like classic Chem funk with strong hints of strawberry.

  • Very High Yields - Thick with Crystals
  • Original Strawberry Diesel from Rezdog
Cherry Wonka thumbnail

Cherry Wonka

Need Something Potent, Sweet & Tasty? This Is Your New Seed!

When it comes to candied fruit flavour, Cherry Wonka is beyond compare! DHG blended Juliet #3 (Fruit Snacks pheno) with Gobstopper to come up with this 8-week Sativa.

  • Top Quality American Genetics
  • Above Average Yields - Thick Resin
Face Melt OG thumbnail

Face Melt OG

The Ability to Feel Your Face is Highly Overrated!

Face Melt OG is total fire! If you're looking for extreme OG flavour & smell combined with a narcotic level stone that'll make you forget you even have a head, this is the only cannabis seed for you.

  • Requires a 10-Week Finish
  • Stabilized with a Touch of Purple
Gamma Berry thumbnail

Gamma Berry

Potent & Long-Lasting - Up to 28% THC!

Bruce Banner #5 is backcrossed to her Strawberry Diesel father for an enhanced berry fragrance & more balanced high. At 28% THC, the potency is barely impacted.

  • Extra Heavy Yields
  • Needs 65 to 70 Days of Bloom
Hulk Smash thumbnail

Hulk Smash

Genuine Bruce Banner Genetics - Monster Potency!

At 30% THC, Hulk Smash Regular Seeds are nothing to play with! This new blend has a more balanced effect than the stonier BB#3, but she's still designed with only the most highly tolerant in mind. Beware!

  • Very High Yields - Satisfying!
  • BX'd with Strawberry Diesel
King's Banner thumbnail

King's Banner

Bruce Banner #3 Hybrid - Couchlocker!

This certified couchlocker brings all the power, all the yield, and all the resin you've been looking for. King's Banner defines why Dark Horse Genetics is Colorado's favourite gear. Order today!

  • 9 Week Finishes
  • Top Quality Genetics
Lemon Cream Seeds thumbnail

Lemon Cream Seeds

Smooth as Silk - Finishes in 8 Weeks or Less!

Lemon Cream Regular Seeds are Sativa all the way, except for their finish. These resin-coated powerhouses finish faster than most Indicas & they still yield like a boss!

  • Unique Lemony Flavour
  • High Crystal Content for Oils
Lemon Head Seeds thumbnail

Lemon Head Seeds

8-Week Sativa - Sweet & Tart

A two-way lemon cross, Lemon Head Seeds will instantly pucker your mouth with just as much flavour intensity as the bright-yellow candy they were named for. Are you up for the Lemon Head challenge?

  • Lemonade X Lemon
  • Both Sweet & Sour Citrus Flavours
Orange Cream Seeds thumbnail

Orange Cream Seeds

Massive Yields, Thick Resin, Crazy Extract Production!

If you're into shatter, wax or budder, why settle for anything less than a strain like Orange Cream that's proven itself to Colorado's best dispensaries? Order your weed seeds today - you won't be disappointed!

  • Crisp, Clear Orange Tang
  • Massive Yields - 10 Week Finishes
Original Bruce Banner thumbnail

Original Bruce Banner

Very Hard to Find - 32% THC!

Without a doubt, Bruce Banner Seeds have been the most requested strain of all time, and we've got our hands on some of this legendary Kush X Strawberry Diesel marvel. Get'em while you can!

  • Enormous Yields - 65/70 Day Finishes
  • Instant Sativa Highs - Very Creative & Euphoric
Original Gorilla Glue #4 S1 thumbnail

Original Gorilla Glue #4 S1

Fully Authorized by GG Strains, LLC - They're The Real Thing!

Backed by the original breeder, Original Gorilla Glue #4 S1 Seeds are the genetic duplicate of the infamous Colorado Cut that/s been so elusive up until now. Get yours while you can!

  • Fat, Crystal-Coated Buds that Ooze with Aromatic Terpenes
  • Winner of 3 Cannabis Cups - Michigan, LA & Jamaica!
Strawberry Glue thumbnail

Strawberry Glue

28% THC with GG#4 Resin Levels!

If you'd like a little fresh fruit with your GG#4 funk, this Dark Horse Regular Seed will flip you lid & float your boat. She's all GG#4 but with a fresh thread of Strawberry & Diesel fuel to brighten the fragrance.

  • Original Gorilla Glue #4 Genetics
  • 63 to 70 Days, Indica Dominant
Strawberry Shortcake Seeds thumbnail

Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

Unrelenting Euphoria & Sugary Sweet Flavour!

At a full 22% THC, there's no stopping this Sativa-dominant Strawberry Diesel hybrid. Yields are slightly above average, but the crystal content is off the charts!

  • Reliable Dab Strain
  • Finishes in 9 to 10 Weeks
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Colorado's Fully Authorized Gorilla Glue Distributor!

With Dark Horse Genetics, not only will you get authentic Original Bruce Banner genetics, but these bad boys & girls got their hands on the real Gorilla Glue, too! Pure Dark Horse GG isn't ready for release just yet, but they are creating new blends using both Gorilla Glue #4 & Gorilla Glue #5. How about some Strawberry Glue while you're waiting?

  • Most Seeds Include Bruce Banner or Gorilla Glue Genetics
  • Bred Naturally from Male & Female Parents - All Organic
  • Extract-Friendly - Unique Flavours, Plenty of Resin
  • Insane Potency Levels - You Will Not Be Disappointed!
  • Numerous High Times Cannabis Cup Wins!

Dark Horse Genetics isn't well known in the commercial marijuana seed trade yet, but they have made a big name for themselves throughout the Colorado cannabis scene. They first bred Bruce Banner from an Original OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel cross way back in 2006. It was an underground secret for a few years, then the Dark Horse Genetics founder opened his Delta 9 dispensary in 2008 & used Bruce Banner as the house strain. As soon as word spread about the potency of this herb, lines started to form around the block and people begged to be put on call-back lists when the jars ran empty.

The entire Rhino Team is thrilled that Dark Horse Genetics FINALLY released a line of premium regular seeds. We couldn't tell you how many times people have called, emailed or practically beat our doors in looking for this strain. One of you nutjobs even tagged our warehouse with X-rated Incredible Hulk graffiti after we had to turn them away. And, Banksy he was not. Satisfied? Quit your b*tching & order your 10-pack already!

Order Your Dark Horse Genetics Seeds While You Can - They Go Fast!