Orange Cream Seeds
Colorado dispensaries are full of dried flowers, but they're also all about the shatter! That's why you can rely on Dark Horse Genetics to bring the goo with every single cannabis seed they breed, and Orange Cream is no exception. With this regular seed you'll get clear, crisp orange flavour, pleasant citrus aromas, soaring THC levels & out-of-this-world crystal content. These babies shine!
  • Regular Weed Seeds
  • Strong Orange Aroma
  • Very High Yields
  • Dab-Friendly Resin
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Sativa-Dominant Head Highs - Functional Enough for Daytime!

Dark Horse Genetics Orange Cream is mostly Sativa for incredibly clear cerebral effects that'll leave you happy and slightly relaxed but far from incapacitated. Think functional, creative, slightly energized and a bit motivated. The feeling is soft enough for nighttime, but it's much more of a daytime smoke. Enjoy!

  • Orange Cream Flowering Time = 10 Weeks
  • High-Yielding Sativa Dominant Seeds
  • Copious Amounts of Resin - Great for Concentrates
  • Huge Yields of Perfectly Formed Buds

To craft this premium regular seed, Dark Horse Genetics crossed a highly productive Orange Dot female with their own Lemon male. That's right - Orange Cream Cannabis Seeds are a product of an all-natural breeding project with a mother and a father for old-school regular seeds, a perfect choice for the most robust features, pheno hunts and personal blends. That doesn't scare you, does it?

Order Your Orange Cream Seeds Today - Your Mouth Will Thank You!

NB: If you buy your gear from Rhino Seeds, you must agree to not germinate your cannabis seeds first. Stay legal & live vicariously through the many Orange Cream Grow Logs you can find online.

10 Seeds
Flowering Time
9-12 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
10 Weeks
Cannabis Genetics
Orange Dot X Lemon

At Rhino Seeds, we're proud to offer something for everyone, from Sativas to Indicas, including both feminized and regular seeds with many autoflowering hybrids thrown in for good measure. But what we love most is intense strains like Orange Cream Cannabis Seeds that offer over-the-top flavours paired with astronomical power and equally high resin levels. And, the yields are truly massive, too. Why not buy your pack of Orange Cream today? You won't be sorry!

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  • Regular Weed Seeds
  • Strong Orange Aroma
  • Very High Yields
  • Dab-Friendly Resin

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In Colorado, Dark Horse Genetics is the end-all, be-all of insanely strong medicine, whether you're a dried flower fan or a concentrate freak. This team only keeps strains with outrageous potency, record-breaking resin levels and unique flavours that shine through for a smooth, tasty experience that you'll savour long after the last trace of smoke, vapor or medible is gone. If you're not close enough to check out their Delta 9 Dispensary, do the next best thing and order Dark Horse Genetics Seeds! They're the raw materials that went into numerous High Times Cup Wins!