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Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif thumbnail

Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif

Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif is the original landrace Indica that’s responsible for hundreds of high-powered hybrids. Why settle for a watered-down version when you can have the raw, unbridled power of pure Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif Seeds?
Brainstorm Haze thumbnail

Brainstorm Haze

Brainstorm Haze could be responsible for your next whirlwind of creativity! This Sativa-dominant cannabis seed is upbeat and motivating, the perfect choice to act as your private muse. With Brainstorm
Brainstorm Haze 13 thumbnail

Brainstorm Haze 13

Brainstorm Haze G13 is a potent Sativa with a clear, uplifting high followed by a creeping physical stone that eases your pain while allowing you to get on with your life. Powerful but functional, the
CannaSutra thumbnail


Easily supercropped and maintained, she finishes flowering in under 10 weeks and puts on impressive girth in the final two weeks of flowering. The flowers seem very airy up until the last week when t
Dawg Brains thumbnail

Dawg Brains

Off the Chain!

In a world filled with feminized seeds, Dawg Brains is bringing regular back with a vengeance. The power is unrestrained & the yields are out of control!

  • Dank & Sticky - Smells Like Cheese & Chocolate
  • Uplifting & Energizing with a 55 to 65 Day Finish
Delta 9 Labs Aiea thumbnail

Delta 9 Labs Aiea

Aiea brings together the best of the east and the west. As a Hawaiian Indica, this strain was conceived after breeding in a bushy Afghan male that left the dominant flavor of the Hawaiian but greatly
Delta 9 Labs Star Gazer thumbnail

Delta 9 Labs Star Gazer

High in THC, this Cannabis strain has quite a strong high and has small pink hairs thanks to its AK and Warlock parents. The smoke is said to be rich and deep with woody and piney elements and finish
Delta 9 Labs Super Star thumbnail

Delta 9 Labs Super Star

The high is very clear with minimal confusion and very creatively inspirational. A multiple award winning Sensi Star from Paradise Seeds was crossed with a Sensi Star variety from the Labs resulting
Double Kush thumbnail

Double Kush

Double Kush from Delta 9 Labs is a cross between TH Seeds Kushage and an Afghan from the Labs that resulted in a thoroughly enjoyable smoke with very pleasant after effects. Double Kush has THICK smo
F.O.G. (Fruit of the Gods) thumbnail

F.O.G. (Fruit of the Gods)

FOG expresses amazing fruity flavors and beautiful purple colors under the right conditions. This strain is a combo of NL5 Haze and Skunk #1 and is probably mostly Sativa but still has many Indica el
Mekong Haze thumbnail

Mekong Haze

Simpson Kush thumbnail

Simpson Kush

Ready for more Sativa than you can handle? Simpson Kush delivers up to 500 gr/m2 with a mere 63-day finish, two things that are virtually impossible for this breed! Even better, Simpson Kush lifts you up with an expansive effect that’s clear & energizing.
Southern Lights thumbnail

Southern Lights

Brighten your day with a warm, expansive Southern Lights high! Sativa-dominant Southern Lights is a pleasant, uplifting mix of NYC Diesel & Sensi Star with fruity flavours, 550-gram yields, fast finis
The Merkabah thumbnail

The Merkabah

The Merkabah takes legendary OG Kush to a much higher level with a rich influx of pure Afghani landrace genetics. In fact, testing says that The Merkabah yields at least 60% more than your favorite OG. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?
White Widow thumbnail

White Widow

Delta 9 Labs White Widow - here are 10 regular white widow cannabis seeds that are deemed to be of the very highest quality!
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100% Organic Cannabis Seeds Created in a Eco-Friendly Environment

Delta 9 Labs was part of the wave of cannabis seed companies that opened their doors in the late 90s, but this breeder is a very different animal. One of the only seed banks to be owned & operated by actual MMJ patients, they've created some of the world's most beneficial strains & they do it all in an Earth-friendly manner. In other words, Delta 9 stives to do no harm!

This elite breeder also sets itself above the crowd by breeding & testing all strains in-house. This means getting their hands dirty, but that's how this crew rolls! The Delta 9 bunch spends their spare time networking with other breeders so that they can add fresh genetic material to their breeding pool on a consistent basis. Last but not least, Delta 9 Labs is the only breeder we know of that puts a born-on date on every pack of smokin' hot cannabis seeds so that you know your new beauties are fresh & juicy!

The Rhino is a different animal, too! He goes the extra mile to bring you shockingly good Delta 9 Labs' marijuana seeds at the lowest prices in the UK. And with Rhino Seeds' state-of-the-art procurement system, you don't even need Delta's born-on date to keep him honest. You'll always get the freshest seeds in the biz when you deal with The Rhino!

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