Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif
Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif is the original landrace Indica that’s responsible for hundreds of high-powered hybrids. Why settle for a watered-down version when you can have the raw, unbridled power of pure Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif Seeds?
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Pure Landrace Indica Strain
  • Cold Tolerant
  • Dreamy, Narcotic, Immobilizing
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif is the Original Godfather of Indica Cannabis Seeds!

Without Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif, the vast majority of today’s turbo-charged hybrids wouldn’t even exist. Don’t miss this chance to add the original source of Indica power to your collection – order these cannabis seeds today!

If you like your smoke sticky, Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif Cannabis Seeds have an extremely thick layer of potent, THC-enriched resin and an unmistakable sweet aroma. In moderation, Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif is dreamy & mellow – too much can quickly vary from slightly narcotic to completely immobilizing.

  • Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif is a Pure Landrace Indica from Northern Afghanistan
  • Extreme Heights – Best Outdoors
  • Does Great in Colder Regions – Can Even Tolerate the Snow
  • Hashy, Sweet, Dreamy & Mellow

Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif Seeds come from Northern Afghanistan where they’re famous for their hashy capabilities. Nicknamed the “Milk of Mazar”, these monsters easily reach 4 meters or more in their natural environment with incredible yields that match their impressive height.

These marijuana seeds love the cold and thrive in the snow. In fact, Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif Cannabis Seeds turn red as blood after exposure to low temperatures. Buy yours today to discover the power of cannabis as it was meant to be!

Recommended Outdoor
Height Notes
4 Meters or Higher
Sativa/Indica Notes
100% Indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Genetics
Pure Landrace Indica from Northern Afghanistan

If you want to go straight to the source for raw, unbridled power, buy Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif Cannabis Seeds! This single breed is responsible for the vast majority of Indica hybrids on the market today. That alone should tell you something about the power & quality of this landrace strain.

To add even more value to this purchase, buy Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif at Rhino Seeds! We offer the lowest prices and the fastest deliveries in the UK. When you shop with The Rhino, you’ll have your new cannabis seeds within days!

a real monster! but, i guess that's how most seed like this are.
Mike - 11 September 2012 01:26:35

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Pure Landrace Indica Strain
  • Cold Tolerant
  • Dreamy, Narcotic, Immobilizing

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Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif is a pure landrace cannabis seed sold under the Delta 9 Labs brand. Delta 9 Labs specializes in powerful medicinal strains created in an eco-friendly environment. All Delta 9 weed seeds are 100% organic, fully tested and labeled with a production date to ensure 5-star quality with every pack