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DinaFem Mix Pack #5 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #5

DinaFem Mix Pack #6 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #6

DinaFem Mix Pack #7 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #7

DinaFem Mix Pack #8 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #8

DinaFem Mix Pack #9 thumbnail

DinaFem Mix Pack #9

DinaFem OG Kush Feminized thumbnail

DinaFem OG Kush Feminized

A favourite with rappers, movie stars & Hollywood VIPs, DinaFem OG Kush Feminized is turning into an international super nova! With a 24% THC rating and a lemon/fuel flavour, DinaFem OG Kush Feminized
Dinafem Blue Hash thumbnail

Dinafem Blue Hash

The bluish, purple, reddish color of Blueberry and its sweet, fruity, and pungent aroma combines well with the precocity and production of the California Hash Plant. It has proven to be a delicacy an
Fruit Automatic thumbnail

Fruit Automatic

Fruit Automatic pumps up DinaFem’s classic autoflowering genetics with a wicked infusion of Grapefruit for richer, stickier weed and a tongue-tempting flavour! Small enough for stealth but big enough
Haze 2 Auto thumbnail

Haze 2 Auto

Haze 2.0 Auto is a new twist on an ancient classic! With this new mix, Sativa quality is easy & AutoFem is high-yielding. Haze 2.0 Auto takes premium weed to the next generation and beyond!
Haze Automatic thumbnail

Haze Automatic

Haze Automatic is short & sweet, but that doesn’t stop this petite AutoFem from working just as hard as the big girls! Known as DinaFem’s most productive autoflowering hybrid, Haze Automatic pumps out the blaze like a total bad-ass while staying fit & tri
Industrial Plant thumbnail

Industrial Plant

The first strain that was specially adapted to be grown under artificial light, a cross between a high-yielding Afghani Indica and a Thai Sativa, was created in the seventies in Seattle, Washingto
Moby Dick thumbnail

Moby Dick

The best known strain in our catalogue, it is also one of the strongest and very typical sativa. It is the result of crossing the 2 best clones of our Mother Plants, a sativa with an indica. Moby
Moby Dick #2 Feminized thumbnail

Moby Dick #2 Feminized

Even better than the original, Moby Dick #2 Feminized blows the rest away with 1500-gram yields and 20% THC ratings! Moby Dick #2 is definitely too much for lightweights – only tempt your fate with th
Moby Dick Auto thumbnail

Moby Dick Auto

There she blows! Moby Dick Auto is so juicy she practically bursts with sticky THC! One of the most resinous AutoFems in the DinaFem lineup, Moby Dick Auto literally shines with power!
Moby Hash thumbnail

Moby Hash

Original Amnesia Auto thumbnail

Original Amnesia Auto

Original Amnesia Auto will stick in your memory for a lifetime! A massive Sativa with foxtail nuggs, Original Amnesia Auto offers high yields and mind-blowing power!
Original Amnesia Feminized thumbnail

Original Amnesia Feminized

Not only does Original Amnesia Feminized have more Cups than any other Haze, this strain has enough power to cause rare blackout highs! If you try this coffee shop favourite, be careful! Too much Orig
Power Kush thumbnail

Power Kush

This is the most endogamic strain that we have developed. A single original mother plant grown over many years, the Power Kush has provided descendants which are all grandchildren of that one plan
Purple Orange CBD thumbnail

Purple Orange CBD

Taste Great & Feels Amazing - 10% CBD!

For mild, functional highs & strong medicinal power, you can't go wrong with Purple Orange CBD Seeds. These purple-tinged beauties drip with resin thanks to strong Diesel genetics.

  • Finishes in 55 to 60 days with 400 gr Yields
  • Fruity Taste with an Exceptional Aroma
Remo Chemo thumbnail

Remo Chemo

Extremely Potent MMJ - Nausea, Pain, Appetite!

As a 65% Indica with 24% THC, Remo Chemo means business when it comes to serious MMJ! According to Urban Remo, the original breeder, she's the best choice for back pain & all kinds of other therapeutic needs. Order now!

  • Intense Kush Smell - Earth, Fuel & Pepper
  • Mid-Range Yields - Outstanding Quality
Showing 21-40 of 52