RoadRunner Automatic #2
RoadRunner Automatic #2 is just as fast & stable as #1, but this version has an enhanced level of vigour, aroma, flavour and yield! A sweetly relaxing Indica, RoadRunner Automatic #2 takes the edge off even the most hectic day with CBD-tempered power & a
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Can you believe DinaFem found a way to improve the original RoadRunner Auto? This new version, dubbed RoadRunner Automatic #2, maintains the fast, stable nature of the original, but adds more vigour, more resin, more aroma & a more relaxing effect. How great is that?

    RoadRunner Automatic #2 Seeds are off the hook! They have an intensely sweet flavour with just the right amount of tongue-tingling lemon and a healthy shot of CBD to temper the psychoactive properties and enhance the mellowness of this strain.

    • Lowryder #1 X DinaFem #1 X Diesel Ryder
    • 55% Indica, 25% Ruderalis, 20% Sativa – Mellow & Relaxing!
    • Vigorous, Resiny & Intensely Sweet with a Lemony Bite
    • Ready in 70 Days – Like Clockwork!

    Compared to its predecessor, RoadRunner Automatic #2 Feminized takes just a few days longer (70 compared to 60), but the extra resin & yield are well worth it in our opinion. This autoflowering strain stays small making it a perfect choice for indoors, patios or balconies.

    Rhino Seeds always has the hook-up when it comes to authentic RoadRunner Automatic #2 Cannabis Seeds, but our beans don’t resemble the picture we’ve just painted. In other words, they’re dormant souvenirs, and you can’t legally cultivate or germinate them in the UK or most other parts of the world.

    3 seeds
    5 seeds
    10 seeds
    Flowering Time
    Sativa/Indica Notes
    55% Indica, 25% Ruderalis, 20% Sativa
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Flowering Time Notes
    70 days from seed
    Cannabis Genetics
    Lowryder #1 X DinaFem #1 X Diesel Ryder
    Prompt delivery was impressive and the price beats all !! Once again, accurately descibed with good vibes.Thank you Rhino, you just make life easy for the inexperienced, like me!
    Nigpig - 14 August 2012 10:47:26

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    DinaFem Seeds was founded in 2002 by a loose collective of small Spanish cannabis growers, but they didn't really make their presence known to the world until 2010 with the release of a full collection of brilliant feminized seeds. Because DinaFem Seeds took their time to learn the business and everything there was to know about marijuana seed production, every single one of their beans stands out like a shining star! With a firm commitment to never stop learning more about this critical subject, DinaFem Seeds is on a mission to make sure that every new weed seed in their lineup is even more stunning than the last!