LA Cannalope
Every hit of LA Cannalope is like a mini-holiday in Cali! This potent hybrid mixes LA Con’s incredible flavour with Cannalope’s tempting aroma for a high-yielding super star. LA Cannalope is so good it should have its own star on the Hollywood Strip!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • LA Confidential X Cannalope Haze
  • Fast 8-Week Finish
  • Massive 500-600 gr/m2 Yields
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

LA Cannalope is a 5-Star Cali Cannabis Seed that Brings West Coast Power Home to the UK!

If you can’t choose between LA Confidential’s flavour & Cannalope’s tantalizing aroma, don’t bother – order LA Cannalope instead! This stunning hybrid successfully combines the best features from each parent.

LA Confidential is a 100% Indica with energetic highs & a stone that hits like a hammer. On the other side of the family tree, Cannalope Haze is a near-pure Sativa that’s all head candy! Combined, these two Cup champions give LA Cannalope Seeds a perfectly even mix of Indica & Sativa genetics.

  • LA Cannalope is a Melon-Scented Powerhouse!
  • LA Con’s Flavour & Power – Cannalope’s Aroma & Yield
  • A Perfectly Balanced Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Priced to Please & Shipped Out So Fast Your Head’ll Spin!

If you’re looking for volume, LA Cannalope is your dawg! These cannabis seeds have Cannalope’s full-blown 500 to 600 gr/m2 indoor yields. They’re killer!

Every time we pull out a tempting Cali strain like DNA Genetic’s LA Cannalope, The Rhino starts packing his bags & surfing the web for a one-way ticket to fun in the sun. Don’t worry – we’re not letting him go. How else would we be able to give you the absolute best deals in the UK without his muscle to back us up?

13 Seeds
Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Sativa/Indica Notes
50% Sativa, 50% Indica
Sativa / Indica Mix
Flowering Time Notes
8 Weeks
Cannabis Genetics
LA Confidential X Cannalope
Indoor Yield
500 to 600 gr/m2

Buy LA Cannalope Cannabis Seeds from Rhino Seeds, the seedbank that cares – and get some good karma of your own to boot! During the checkout process, Rhino Seeds gives every member of the herd a chance to make a tiny donation to a worthy cause. Absolute no other seedbank does this!

Although we change up our charities from time to time, we tend to sponsor worthy causes that are near and dear to The Rhino’s heart. Buy LA Cannalope today and make the world a better place one seed at a time!

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • LA Confidential X Cannalope Haze
  • Fast 8-Week Finish
  • Massive 500-600 gr/m2 Yields

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LA Cannalope is a potent cannabis seed sold under the DNA Genetics brand. DNA Genetics isn’t the oldest breeder in the industry, but they’re one of the best. How else could they have won more than 50 major Cups in just 8 short years? Order an authentic DNA Genetics strain to put a proven winner to work in your collection!