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Crystal M.E.T.H. thumbnail

Crystal M.E.T.H.

Do you want a good laugh? Grab this cannabis seed now if you want a truly psychedelic experience that will make you laugh your socks off. Crystal M.E.T.H. is a really fun strain of cannabis seeds w
Dr Underground's Killer Mix thumbnail

Dr Underground's Killer Mix

It takes a hard-core stoner to survive Dr Underground’s Killer Mix! This collection includes 4 savage strains filled with brain-melting power & off-the-hook effects. This sh*t’s strong enough to wipe
Melon Gum thumbnail

Melon Gum

Is there anything better than a happy accident? This heavyweight cannabis seed strain was born during a round of experimentation at Dr Underground’s secret laboratory, in which the flavour of Laven
Pain Killer thumbnail

Pain Killer

This is your truly sublime alternative to paracetamol. Pain Killer was created for you with a focus on all of cannabis seeds medicinal properties. It has been designed as a natural medicine which w
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Get Your Prescription for Extreme Dankness Today!

Dr Underground doesn't mess around with weak stuff - he goes right to the hard sh*t for the most effective medicine in the world! Every Dr Underground cannabis seed is completely feminized & fully tested to ensure the highest level of quality, viability, vigour & power. They're fabulously stable & extra hot!

Crystal M.E.T.H. is amazing, King Kong is a real beast & Melon Gum is extra sweet, but our top choice is Pain Killer. This Sensi Star/White Russian cross is a high-yielding, extra powerful medicinal strain with delectable flavours & a light, lemony flavour.

As one of the very few Authorised Vendors of Dr Underground’s collection, Rhino Seeds is proud to present the very best of the Doctor’s feminised seeds at the lowest prices in the UK! We pair these blockbusters with a 100% delivery guarantee & perfectly discreet packaging to give you the deal of the century. Grab yours now!

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