Dr Underground's Killer Mix

It takes a hard-core stoner to survive Dr Underground’s Killer Mix! This collection includes 4 savage strains filled with brain-melting power & off-the-hook effects. This sh*t’s strong enough to wipe the floor even the most tolerant midnight toker!
  • 100% Feminized
  • Unbelievable Power
  • Top-Rated Genetics
  • 100% Guaranteed!
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    Dr Underground's Killer Mix(533)
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    Dr Underground’s Killer Mix Slays ‘em, But What a Way to Go!

    Don’t try to pick just one savage strain from the Doctor’s lineup – get them all with Dr Underground’s Killer Mix! This choice gives you 4 extremely different breeds to suit your every mood!

    When you’re ready to party, grab Crystal Meth. This Sativa-rich mix of Destroyer and Critical is trippy enough to make you laugh your ass off.

    Painkiller, on the other hand, is the Doctor’s medicinal strain. These cannabis seeds mix Sensi Star with White Russian for devastating therapeutic power and no next-day hangover.

    • Dr Underground’s Killer Mix Includes 4 Homicidal Strains!
    • Crystal Meth – Trippy, Happy & Mind Expanding
    • Melon Gum – Fun & Fruity!
    • Painkiller – 100% Medicinal with No Hangover
    • King Kong – Fast, Hard & Super Sticky

    King Kong is a real beast! This hybrid is a stunning mix of Super Bud & Chronic with extreme resin production and incredible speed. King Kong hits hard & fast to create an instant state of complete euphoria.

    Melon Gum is the Doctor’s high-yielding connoisseur marijuana seed. Created by mixing Lavender with Bubble Gum, Melon Gum is a fruity powerhouse that pops with colour & fun highs!

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Dr Underground’s Killer Mix gives you a well-rounded picture of what this small breeder is capable of! Every single feminized strain crafted at Dr Underground’s secret laboratory is painstakingly tested for stability, power, flavour & effect. You’ll want more of this sh*t if you live through the first batch!