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The Variety of Mixed Packs Without Any Frustration!

Some breeders create their random mixed packs by scooping up all the dropped weed seeds & slipping them in a pack. Sure, you'll get some awesome genetics at a good price, but good luck on figuring out exactly what you're working with - or what they might need - until the very end. And, then, it's still a crap shoot!

  • Includes Many of Dutch Passion's Most Popular Strains
  • Colour Coded for Easy Identification
  • Affordable Way to Sample the Joys of Dutch Passion Seeds!

Enter Dutch Passion's Colour Mix Packs! Trust this innovative breeder to come up with the perfect solution to a common problem. They colour code each marijuana seed so there's no way you can mix them up. Each pack comes with several of Dutch Passion's most popular strains, each chosen to complement the others. It's a great way to sample what this Amsterdam cannabis seed breeder has to offer, save a bundle and experience zero frustration. You have to love that!

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