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Auto Blueberry thumbnail

Auto Blueberry

Auto Blueberry is strong enough to make your wildest weed fantasies come true! Just as tasty and colourful as ever, this new autoflowering strain makes premium blaze soooo easy! AutoBlueberry delivers
Auto Duck thumbnail

Auto Duck

The Ultimate Guerilla Strain for the UK!

Auto Duck has a curious look that you'll enjoy anywhere, but her speed & hardy Frisian Dew genetics make this unique weed seed perfect for stealthy outdoor areas in northern latitudes. This is the one!

  • Fans Look Like Duck's Feet Early On
  • Fast, Strong, High-Yielding - Low Odour!
Auto Ultimate thumbnail

Auto Ultimate


Not everyone will be able to do it, but one of Dutch Passion's best testers pulled a full kilo off one Auto Ultimate seed. Hard to believe, but the pictures prove it!

  • Intense Lemon Flavour
  • 10 Weeks from Seed!
AutoBlackberry Kush thumbnail

AutoBlackberry Kush

A 10-Weeker with up to 135 High-Quality Grams!

Popcorn not included, most testers yielded about 135 gr/seed from AutoBlackberry Kush. That's an impressive number for a fully autoflowering cannabis seed!

  • Beautiful Colours - Red, Pink, Purple, Magenta
  • Dripping with Resin - Cures to a Glittery Black
  • AutoBrooklyn Sunrise thumbnail

    AutoBrooklyn Sunrise

    Perfect for Urban Settings!

    Fast & compact with XL yields, AutoBrooklyn Sunrise is perfect for small spaces, inside or out. You'll love the mango/pineapple aroma almost as much as the happy head high. Ready to wake & bake?

    • Diesel X AK-47
    • Highly Euphoric
    AutoColorado Cookies thumbnail

    AutoColorado Cookies

    Blueberry & Girl Scout Cookies!

    Girl Scout Cookies is, without a doubt, one of the most popular American strains there is, and Auto Blueberry is no slouch. That makes AutoColorado Cookies a double-hit wonder!

    • Strong Narcotic Stone with a Peaceful Head High
    • Tastes Like Berries & Mint - or Sweet Mango!
    AutoDaiquiri Lime thumbnail

    AutoDaiquiri Lime

    More Intoxicating than Any Frozen Cocktail!

    AutoDaiquiri Lime is exactly what she sounds like - a powerful intoxicant with a drool-worthy lime flavour & a tempting citrus aroma that'll keep you coming back for more!

    • 11 Weeks from Seed - Massive Yields!
    • Sativa-Dominant with a Curious Physical Side
    AutoDurban Poison thumbnail

    AutoDurban Poison

    A Wicked-Good Sativa from South Africa!

    Popular since the 1970s, the original Durban Poison is a real mind-bender with plenty of power & a high resistance to mould. This autoflowering version is exactly the same, only way faster!

    • Tastes Like Spicy Haze
    • Tall & Fast with Lots of Bud Sites
    AutoEuphoria thumbnail


    A Happy, High-Yielding Skunk for 1st-Timers!

    AutoEuphoria Seeds are classic Skunk to their very core, only way faster. It only takes 10 weeks from seed to get a stash full of the good stuff with this super producer.

    • Performs Like a Champ Inside or Out
    • Easy, Simple & Very Resilient
    AutoFrisian Dew thumbnail

    AutoFrisian Dew

    AutoFrisian Dew: The UK's First Outdoor Auto!

    Leave it to Dutch Passion to satisfy your every need! Their new AutoFrisian Dew is the very first fully autoflowering cannabis seed capable of thriving in the harsh UK climate.

    • 8 to 14% THC, 50 to 100 gr/seed, 70 Days from Seed
    • Sweet Earthy Flavours - Strong & Hardy!
    AutoMazar thumbnail


    AutoMazar is from dutch passions latest line - This automatic Mazar produces picturesque tight compact buds with orange pistols that have a really sweet aroma just like the original mazar.
    AutoNight Queen thumbnail

    AutoNight Queen

    Up to 500 gr/m2 in 10 Weeks Flat!

    With finishes like that, why not go with AutoNight Queen? The testers even said this incredibly strong AutoFem rivaled the Original Queen of the Night in power, yield & flavour!

    • Extremely Heavy Buzz - Couchlocking!
    • Rich Afghan Kush Aroma - Thick!
    AutoWhite Widow thumbnail

    AutoWhite Widow

    Let the Countdown Commence!

    With AutoWhite Widow, it only takes 10 short little weeks to reach maximum frost! This updated hybrid stays true to her famous mother in every single way.

    • Fresh Pine Flavour & Strong Aroma
    • Yields Can Reach as High as 200 gr/seed!
    AutoXtreme thumbnail


    AutoXtreme - Up to 303 Grams from 1 Seed!

    So good it took two sets of breeders to create, AutoXtreme is the 1st joint venture between Dutch Passion & Dinafem. She's a potent Haze with strong highs & amazing quality.

    • 303 gr/seed During Initial Testing Phase
    • Instant Head Hit Followed by Mellow High
    Blue AutoMazar thumbnail

    Blue AutoMazar

    100 gr/seed in 10 Weeks is Totally Possible!

    Blue AutoMazar is fast & high-yielding, but you'd love this strain even if she was slow & light. The flavour, fragrance & dazzling colours are a real treat all by themselves.

    • Fruity Smell with Random Hints of Spice
    • Physically Sedating with a Mental Lift
    Glueberry OG Auto thumbnail

    Glueberry OG Auto

    XXL Yields, X-Sticky Buds, Ready in 11 Weeks!

    With Glueberry OG Auto, the goodness of GG#4, OG Kush & Blueberry come together in perfect unity to create a fast-paced powerhouse that'll knock you out. Oils or flowers, it's all good!

    • Sativa Dominant - Potent
    • Great in Any Environment
    PolarLight #3 thumbnail

    PolarLight #3

    **** DISCONTINUED ****

    PolarLight #3 is unbelievably frosty. This trippy auto Haze is a feminized speed freak delivering smooth smoke of the highest quality in just 10 weeks from seed!

    • Dutch Haze X Sativa-Dominant Auto - Fruity/Hazey
    • 50 Grams on Average - Up to 150 Grams with Experience
    Polarlight # 2 Feminised thumbnail

    Polarlight # 2 Feminised

    Do you love Haze but hate the wait that comes with this classic variety? Now, you can have your favorite in as little as two months without any extra fuss! Dutch Passion, a premier seed company locate
    Polarlight Feminized thumbnail

    Polarlight Feminized

    **** DISCONTINUED ****

    Polarlight is easy to grow and has a fruity sweet aroma with spicy hints of Haze. The high is clear, powerful and long lasting.

    SnowStorm #2 Auto thumbnail

    SnowStorm #2 Auto

    **** DISCONTINUED ****
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    The Most Sought-After Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds on the Planet!

    For the most dependable autoflowering cannabis seeds on the planet, turn to a breeder who's just as passionate about top-shelf smoke as you are! Dutch Passion, the world’s foremost authority on all things cannabis, has refined their most popular strains into fully automated hybrids.

    • Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Developed by a World-Class Breeder
    • Popular Strains Like Auto Blueberry & Auto Mazar
    • Huge Yields, Intense Power, Incredible Flavours & Extreme Effects
    • Beginner Friendly, Space Conscious & Time Sensitive!

    With a rich history that reaches all the way back to 1987, Dutch Passion is a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis community! Put this relentless power on your side with a potent autoflowering cannabis seed backed by decades of knowledge and experience in this ever-evolving field.

    Although the Rhino bows down to Dutch Passion's superiour knowledge, he doesn't budge an inch when it comes to keeping his prices at rock-bottom lows! Browse through our hand-picked selection of Dutch Passion's finest autoflowering cannabis seeds in addition to a wide array of regular and feminized seeds. At these prices, you can buy several!

    Buy Top-Rated Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion Below!