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Californian Snow Auto thumbnail

Californian Snow Auto

Like Fire & Ice with 19% THC!

Coated with a thick layer of frost, Californian Snow Auto is totally chill, but the flavours are all warm & gooey, like apple pie with cinnamon & sour cream. It works!

  • Very Potent at 19% THC
  • 8 Weeks - Up to 550 gr/m2
Fastberry Auto thumbnail

Fastberry Auto

Genuine DJ Short Blueberry Genetics

With sweet berry flavour & a devastating body buzz that just won't quit, Fastberry Auto gets major props from the entire Rhino team. This one is the total package!

  • 9-Weeks from the Start
  • Perfect for Colder Climates
Girl Scout Cookies Auto thumbnail

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Genuine Thin Mint GSC in 55 Days with 22% THC!

Fast Buds managed to shove all that thin mint goodness into a tiny autoflowering seed that literally explodes with fat, sticky buds in just 8 to 9 weeks from the start.

  • Extremely Resinous - Great for Extracts
  • Up to 650 gr/m2 Inside, 300 gr/seed Outside
Gorilla Glue Auto thumbnail

Gorilla Glue Auto

Scissor-Clogging Resin, 8 Weeks from Seed!

Why wait for months when you can have Gorilla Glue Auto's extreme bulk & dab-friendly crystal content in just 8 to 9 weeks from seed? Fast Buds makes it happen!

  • Thick, Heavy Stones - Body & Mind!
  • Smells Like Citrus, Pine & Diesel
LSD-25 Auto thumbnail

LSD-25 Auto

Purple & Black with 19% THC & Visual Highs

It's no surprise that LSD-25 Auto is Fast Buds' absolute favourite AutoFem! These cannabis seeds are simply stunning with huge, solid purple calyxes.

  • A Rich Mix of Physical & Mental Effects
  • Thick with Sticky Resin - Hash Friendly!
Pineapple Express Auto thumbnail

Pineapple Express Auto

A Sexy Pineapple Scented Auto with 20% THC

Hedonism ruled the day Fast Buds released Pineapple Express Auto! This pineapple scented & flavoured AutoFem is a luxury strain with a sensual high that'll erase all your inhibitions.

  • Literally Dripping with Resin Crystals
  • Sativa Dominant for Uplifting Cerebral Highs
Rhino Ryder Auto thumbnail

Rhino Ryder Auto

Rhino Recommended on the Name Alone!

But just like the big horned one, Rhino Ryder Auto backs her sh*t up with serious power, more serious yields & an astonishing finish that's just 9 short little weeks from seed!

  • 20% THC with 650 gr/m2 Yields Inside!
  • White Rhino (aka Medicine Man) X Ruderalis
Six Shooter Auto thumbnail

Six Shooter Auto

Fast as a Speeding Bullet with 750 gr Yields!

Six Shooter Auto breaks all current records for a fully autoflowering seed with true commercial yields & 21% THC. The power isunrelenting & knows no ceiling.

  • Dense, Burly Colas & Tons of Sides
  • Instant Rocket Rides - Mostly Cerebral
Stardawg Auto thumbnail

Stardawg Auto

Chemdawg #4 X Tres Dawg - 22% THC!

We double-dog dare you to find a better Chemdawg strain than this one! Stardawg #4 is just as strong as any photoperiod version with 2X the resin & 3X the speed!

  • 8 to 9 Weeks from Seed
  • Instant Mind & Body Highs
Tangie-Matic thumbnail


Clear Orange Flavour with 23% THC!

Tangie-Matic is as sticky and sweet as a perfectly ripe tangerine, but she's packing way more power. This vigourous autoflowering strain finishes in just 9 weeks from seed.

  • Sativa Domnant with 650 gr/m2 Yields Inside
  • Instant Highs with a Creeping Body Stone
West Coast OG Auto thumbnail

West Coast OG Auto

Authentic OG Power in Just 8 Weeks - 21% THC

Fast Buds transforms the original West Coast OG into an extra fast but just as strong autoflowering seed that'll literally blow your mind. And, it's beginner friendly too!

  • Up to 650 gr/m2 Inside, 300 gr/seed Outside
  • Instant Mental Lift, Creeping Physical Chill
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Quantity Never Trumps Quality at Fast Buds Seeds!

The Rhino & the cannabis professionals at Fast Buds agree on lots of things, but the biggest one is that quality should never be compromised in favour of quantity. This crew spends an incredible amount of time breeding, selecting and testing their premium line of fully autoflowering seeds to ensure that you always get the power, the yield and even the colours you're looking for - right along with rapid speeds.

Fast Buds officially opened their operation in 2010, but the individual members have been serious about breeding for many years before that. Not only has this crew spent most of their lives in the industry, they also have connections and cooperative help from some of America's foremost cannabis experts. And, now that they've spread their reach to Europe, we can only expect the Fast Buds network to expand to Spain, to Amsterdam, and to the rest of the weed-friendly world.

  • Only the Hottest, Most In-Demand Genetic Blends
  • Carefully Selected & Fully Tested for the Highest Quality
  • THC Levels that Shoot Straight Past 20%

Early Fast Buds releases were truly impressive with fast finishes, heavy-duty yields and THC ratings in the high teens, but all their latest creations are consistently testing at 20% THC or more with Girl Scout Cookies Auto topping the list at a full 22% THC. That's truly amazing, but just wait until the numbers are in for their upcoming Gorilla Glue Auto project. We predict the entire canna-community will be stunned!

Rhino Seeds has teamed up with Fast Buds to bring you the best selection & lowest prices you can find on these 5-star cannabis seeds. If you find them cheaper and in stock at any other VAT-registered seedbank operating out of the UK, just let us know within 30 days of ordering & we'll meet or even beat their price. You can always order with confidence when you shop with The Rhino!

Order Your Genuine Fast Buds Seeds Now - You Will Not Be Disappointed!