Pineapple Express Auto

A Simple, Sexy, Sweet Sativa with Speed!

Pineapple Express Auto by Fast Buds Seeds brings connoisseur quality to the fully automatic world! Designed to be savoured down to the last bit of shake, this is a sweet tasting AutoFem with decadent pineapple aromas & a sensual high that's meant to be shared with someone extra special - and we don't mean your best mate!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • 20% THC - Strong!
  • Tropical Flavour & Aroma
  • Sensual Sativa Highs
  • Free shipping and seeds
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    All Aboard the Pineapple Express Auto - It's Going to be a Wild Ride!

    Totally indulgent and more than a little seductive, Pineapple Express Auto says give in to your innermost desires with lush, sticky, tropical-flavoured beans that never make you wait more than 9 short little weeks. These fast-paced vixens always satisfy with their 600 gr/m2 yields & exceedingly good 20% THC!

    • Pineapple Express Auto Finishes in 9 Weeks from Seed
    • Soaring Sativa-dominant Power - 20% THC
    • Rather Tall - 90 to 140 cm on Average
    • Very Resinous - Recommended for Oils & Extracts

    The rich pineapple scents will hit first before the sweet, juicy flavour flows across your tongue like raw silk. But the best part is Pineapple Express Auto Seeds' heady effects that are clearly Sativa dominant - up & happy with a weightless, sensual feeling that'll leave you feeling completely uninhibited as if you didn't have a care in the world.

    You should only enjoy Fast Buds Pineapple Express Auto with someone you love & trust!

    Love Sativas? The Rhino's got plenty! Whether you're looking for something that lifts the mood, something a little trippy or a naughty little number like Pineapple Express Auto Seeds, we got you covered with an amazing selection of famous brands and incredibly low prices. Plus, our customer service ain't too shabby if we do say so ourselves!

    Snatch Your Pineapple Express Autoflowering Seeds Now & Get It On!

    NB: Enjoy these cannabis seeds with your loved ones in any way you please as long as it's legal - that means no Pineapple Express Auto grows! Germination & cultivation of weed seeds is illegal in the UK & most other places.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? High : 15% +
    Cannabis Genetics Pineapple Express X Canadian Ruderalis
    Flowering Time ? Autoflowering
    THC notes 20% THC
    CBD 0.9%
    Height notes 90 to 140 cm
    Yield ? High
    Indoor Yield 500 to 600 gr/m2
    Outdoor Yield 50 to 300 gr/seed
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Pineapple Express Auto is a fruit-flavoured automatic cannabis seed sold by the Fast Buds brand. With years of experience in the American seed trade, Fast Buds has now jumped the pond to bring the best West Coast strains to Europe in fully autoflowering seed form. This gear never disappoints - buy your genuine Fast Buds Seeds now!