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Auto Mass thumbnail

Auto Mass

This is Automatic Critical Mass - A fruitilicious high yielding auto from grassomatic! The buds form Auto Mass are rock hard, and have a complex aroma! - Apparently Auto Mass has 2 phenotypes, each w
Auto Mix thumbnail

Auto Mix

Four High-Performance Automatics

Feminised Seeds created the Auto Mix pack to showcase their best autoflowering genetics. With this choice, you'll get 4 distinct AutoFems, each with their own unique features.

  • 1 Blue Treacle Automatic, 1 Critical Auto
  • 2 Different Experimental Autoflowering Seeds
Babylonia FRUIT thumbnail

Babylonia FRUIT

Of Professional Seeds’ collection, Babylonia Fruit is their most forbidden fruit. These plants typically mature early in less than 50 days and produce dense flower clusters that are very compact and have a delightful sweet taste.
Blackberry Auto thumbnail

Blackberry Auto

A decadent West Coast favourite, Blackberry Auto gushes with rich aromas and flavours that are unmistakable & impossible to ignore. Savor the pure essence of dark forest fruits that hint of warm, summer days while the Indica-dominant tingle sets in. This is a full-body experience my friends! Ready in 8 weeks or less from seed with potency exceeding 20% THC!
Blue Treacle Automatic thumbnail

Blue Treacle Automatic

Blue Treacle Automatic Redefines Sweeeet!

When Blue Treacle Automatic is on the job, the massive yields, incredible speed & kick-ass effects are just as sweet as the sugary flavours. These AutoFems are unbelievably good!

  • Blueberry X Sweet Tooth Auto - 60-65 Days Total
  • Incredibly Strong, Totally Yummy & Wicked Easy!
British Auto Outdoor Mix thumbnail

British Auto Outdoor Mix

Vigorous, High Yielding & Cold Tolerant!

Bred from the strongest genetics on Earth, the cannabis seeds in the British Auto Outdoor Mix Pack laugh at challenges that do lesser seeds in. These babes are tough!

  • Very Fast - 11 Weeks or Less from Seed
  • Potent Indicas, Sativas & Mixed Hybrids
Critical Auto Feminized thumbnail

Critical Auto Feminized

It's Not Merely Important - It's Critical Automatic!

We love a cannabis seed that measures in at 20% better than expected. When it comes to outrageous power, unbelievable yields & savage effects, Critical Auto Feminized is the sh*t!

  • 9 Weeks from Seed - Deep, Relaxing Stones
  • 10-20% Better Than Any Other Critical Mass Auto
Critical Plus thumbnail

Critical Plus

Selected by a great grower from Bilbao to whom we owe this little marvel, for a wide variety of good reasons, this plant won the 1st High Life Cup in Barcelona. The most interesting feature of thi
Crystal M.E.T.H. thumbnail

Crystal M.E.T.H.

Do you want a good laugh? Grab this cannabis seed now if you want a truly psychedelic experience that will make you laugh your socks off. Crystal M.E.T.H. is a really fun strain of cannabis seeds w
Diesel thumbnail


Yet another legend created in the United States of America. The history of this variety’s genetics is too long to explain here, but basically it comes from the ChemDawg line, a curious strain that
Fayaka thumbnail


Fayaka is a combination of a New York City Diesel ‘06 and a Nepali. The target of this hybridization was to incorporate good sativa genes into the NYCD.
Hash Plant thumbnail

Hash Plant

Hash Plant is an absolutely stunning Cannabis variety. Well known for its massive resin production, these plants are typically of medium size and have few secondary branches, focusing its growth mainly along the stalk.
Industrial Plant thumbnail

Industrial Plant

The first strain that was specially adapted to be grown under artificial light, a cross between a high-yielding Afghani Indica and a Thai Sativa, was created in the seventies in Seattle, Washingto
King Kong thumbnail

King Kong

Have you sampled the eighth wonder of the world? Don’t be afraid, you can have these cannabis seeds delivered to your front door and it won’t make a mess of your carpet when it gets there. This hig
Kritikal Bilbo thumbnail

Kritikal Bilbo

Like its parents, Kritical Bilbo produces very heavy and dense flowers that extrude few fan and calyx leaves, simplifying the whole manicuring process. This is a very unique Afghani x Skunk cross tha
MaxiGom thumbnail


Maxi Grass-O-Matic feminised seeds for the heaviest yielding automatic plants. Get Maximum Yields from Grassomatic's new Maxi strain.Can be subject to bud rot or mould if ventilation is not great due
Medi Kush thumbnail

Medi Kush

Medi Kush, a medicinal strain that grants the user an energetic and social high. This medicinal strain withholds properties that are great for numbing pain, relieving depression, overcoming insomnia,
Melon Gum thumbnail

Melon Gum

Is there anything better than a happy accident? This heavyweight cannabis seed strain was born during a round of experimentation at Dr Underground’s secret laboratory, in which the flavour of Laven
Moby Dick thumbnail

Moby Dick

The best known strain in our catalogue, it is also one of the strongest and very typical sativa. It is the result of crossing the 2 best clones of our Mother Plants, a sativa with an indica. Moby
Northern Lights X thumbnail

Northern Lights X

From the team at Genehtik Seeds comes Northern Lights X, an atypical Northern Lights species with an exotic flavor twist. Most likely, you will not be able to avoid smiling when you finally taste the
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Life is So Easy When You Collect High-Performance Autos by Feminised Seeds

Discover the power and ease of fully feminized, totally automatic cannabis seeds at the Feminised Seeds Company. This innovative breeder has developed the most exciting line of feminized marijuana seeds in the world bar none, and their automatic line is no exception!

  • Intense Power Levels & Shocking Yields
  • Over-the-Top Flavours & Aromas
  • Every Automatic Seed Carries a 100% Delivery Guarantee

The Feminised Seeds Company has found the perfect formula for automating their premium line of cannabis seeds. Instead of watering down these beans, these weed geniuses have altered the genetic code in a way that actually amplifies the power rating, the expected yield and the intense flavours of these autoflowering masterpieces! How can you beat that?

Rhino Seeds has a few unbeatable features of their own! When you order your choice of 5-star cannabis seeds from our online shop, we'll throw in perfectly discreet packaging, a 100% delivery guarantee and our unbeatable best-price promise for free! Plus, you'll get quite a few chances to win free swag by giving us a little feedback about your new marijuana seeds and your overall experience down the road. Talk about Rhino love!

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